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6 mth old girl constipated slightly Lock Rss

Hi I have 5 children eldest 20 youngest twin girls 6 months. One twin shelby has been struggling to poo they are quite hard when she does and she cries it is breaking my heart. I have tried colostral drops,water and juice she will not drink anything but formula. I asked child health lady she said to stop solids which I have and add little more water to her formula she also said that they are on the best formula for bowels which is nan ha gold. She said that colostral is ok for once or twice but not after that as it can permanently loosen bowel. Well nothing seems to work. She is still happy as ever but I just don't want it getting worse. The other twin sheri is doing fine with solids etc.
put some vasline round her bum hole so its not hurting so much with the straining...

is she constipated all the time?

ok some people won't like this idea but when your desprate you are and they did this in the olden days so...

what about some brown sugar in her bottle 1 teaspoon, and shake it all around (shock horror for all those reading) but it won't give her a sore tum like the drops will. I had to do that with my daughter as it was the only thing that worked with her and she took it easily. i would do it every bottle until she went then . 1 teaspoon at first then 1/2 after that. but use your judgement if she hasn't been for like four days i would prob give a bit more. 1 teaspoon for the first two bottles.

you can do that with every bottle until she goes poos then every day until she gets going every day.

adding 10 to 20 mils to the bottle is a good idea to help with hydrating.

also maybe uping the amount bottles, like if she is having 4-5 maybe getting an extra one in instead of solids.

just giving pureed fruit with baby rice and keeping it really runny if you are desprate to give solid.

My older two children have suffered from consipation and i know what you are going through.
Try stewing your own apples or pears, and giving a runny mix of it if she's still interested in solids. Beware of rice cereal (the iron can constipate) and bananas (can also constipate). The apples/pears and juice can work as a natural laxative.
when this happened to my bub i went straight to the chemist, they gave me some drops to add to his bottle and within 24hrs they started working. As much as i dont like giving him things like that it was whats best for him that counted, and it worked so i only needed to give him a few doses smile
they were called coloxyl drops btw
I have just been through the same thing with my 6 month old DD, her issue was the formula tho, she was on S-26, have swapped her to Karicare and it has fixed her straight away.

I know thats not going to help you, but just wanted to say i know what you're going through and it does break your heart when they are trying to go and just screaming.

Good Luck, hopefully all is well soon smile
My CHN recommended something that became like a miracle cure for my DD after she started solid and became very constipated overnight. She said mix 5ml of prune juice with 10ml water and give it with a syringe. (I was lucky she LOVED it though hates apple and started sucking on syringe. As a result I poach her fruits in a bit of prune juice now-result soft bowel motions and a very happy girl as she LOVES all fruit now (as long as poached in prune juice) When I went to peadiatrician she asked if DD had had any problems with solids and I told her what I was doing she told me it was an old trick but always seemed to do the trick and doesn't make motility in the bowel sluggish which some of the meds can do.

We used brown sugar and it worked really well. Also used kiwifruit (pureed and put through strainer to remove pips). We found apple actually constipated so would try avoiding that if you start back on solids before you have worked it out. Good luck.
We used brown sugar and it worked really well. Also used kiwifruit (pureed and put through strainer to remove pips). We found apple actually constipated so would try avoiding that if you start back on solids before you have worked it out. Good luck.
When I weaned my 2 1/2 year old at 6 months she became so constipated for months so badly she used to tear and bleed sometimes. It was heart breaking and I tried everyhting, she to this day has issues with it. Anyway here are my top tips that eventually got the problem under control hope at least one helps.

1. Prune juice, if she's reluctant to drink it add a little dark brown sugar but try to make it a regular drink if she continues to suffer like mine did.

2. I had limited success with coloxyl drops and much greater success with parachoc a chocolate vanilla concoction that kids love, however this is for kids 12 months on so if you get desperate talk to your doctor to see if this would be OK.

3. Fruit, fruit and fruit, less carbs and lots of water.

4. Glycerol suppositories that you can get from your chemist, just make sure you get infant size. You pop these up the bottom and they lubricate the rectum and make easier passing hard stool.

5. If it gets really bad there are over the counter enemas one I know of is called microlax and it helps to stimulate the bowel to expel when it is distended and has lost muscle tone. You have to use them slightly differently only inserting half of the nozzle and not using the whole amount of medication. I never used them on mine that young, I hadn't discovered them yet but I believe you can, however I reccommend talking to your chemist or doctor rather than taking my word for it.

6. I also found especially when she was around 6 months that warm baths and tummy massages help to ease her discomfort a little.

7. I changed her formula from s-26 to nestle nan easy to digest formula.

Good luck, I know how distressing it can be. I found little help from docs who brushed it off as just constipation but it's us mothers who have to watch the poor little things it pain and feel powerless to do anything about it.
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