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Does anyone know if its safe to fly with a young baby??

I am looking at going when bub is about 10-11months only.

My Family all live in England so want to take bub over, but dont want to go if its not safe.

Hi, it's as safe as flying ever is. I was born in England and my parents brought me over to NZ when I was about 10 months old with no problems. 5 years ago hubby and I took our then two boys over (youngest was 18 mths).

You can request a bassinette which is fantastic and DS2 slept in it the entire way back to Christchuch. I would suggest flying at night as they dim the cabin lights and it helps with putting babies and kids to sleep, but it might not work for everyone. The bassinettes also give you extra leg room which is an added bonus.

You can give babies stuff for flying to make them calm etc but we found we didn't need any of that (your doctor can tell you more about that). Take a few toys/snacks etc but don't forget to throw away any food uneaten before you go through customs or you can be fined.

Look into what each airline offers parents and how many stops they make etc. It might be easier at this age to make one stop rather than lugging stuff on and off the plane. Parents are also usually one of the first lot of passengers to get on which is great.

Otherwise have a fantastic trip you lucky thing!!!!
There is increased Radiation when you are flying high, but this is so minimal that I wouldn't worry about it. We have been to the USA, and to NZ five times, plus several domestic flights DD is 15mths now.

Feed on take off and landing, request a bassinette, have loads of stuff for bub to do. It will be fine.

Enjoy your holiday smile
I just flew with DD from Rockhampton to Brisbane and she's 4 months. She was fantastic the whole way down with no crying or anything. I did get her to suck on her dummy while going up and down so her ears wouldn't be to bad.
My DS has flown heaps already and at least 4 times before he was 1 year old. Just make sure that you take something to suck on during take off and landing as it helps with the ears...
Hey everyone,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I think i better start booking flights! wooohoooo

Bubs first holiday and she will get to go to the other side of the world, isnt she spoilt!

thank you again!
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