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Kind words for our little "Sophie" Lock Rss

As many of you may know little Sophie on the news.The little girl who survived a horrific accident involving an out of control car smashing through her day care
she lost her leg,ear,and fingers,along with having %85 of her body burned
Sophie was hit by a car yesterday on a crossing and is again battling for life with injuries including 7 broken ribs,a broken jaw and bruised lungs!!!
I have never seen such a strong willed little girl in my life
i cannot imagine what her parents are going through
any mothers have any kind word to say about this brave little girl


Lillie....1 year old!!!

It broke my heart to hear what had happened to that poor little girl again!! She is such a strong little wonder! I wish all the best to her and her family, and a fast and full recovery.

To all other parents out there make sure you give your little ones extra cuddles and kisses for their guardian angles to pass on to little Sophie from us all smile
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