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should I take him back to GP? Lock Rss

Here's a run down,
For the last 5 days DS3(nearly 9m)has been misserable he's crying all the time won't let me put him down and not really interested in feeding he will drink half of his bottles but won't touch solids (really not like him)and he's very sleepy he's awake for about 30mins-1 hour then falls asleep in my arms he doesn't wake when I put him back to bed and will sleep for 2-3 hours,
he hasn't had a temp and is alert just very sleepy but I took him to after hours GP on sat just to get him checked out, GP said his ears were fine but he had a very red throat but not infected so he probably just has a head cold.

Do you think it sounds like more than a head cold should I take him to my GP?
TIA Ange

1st might be best to get other option

most importantly hope your little guys gets better real soon,

your great mother it will be find take care of your self also
i would tend to get a second opinion if you are worried.

Is he still having wet nappies? Make sure he isnt getting dehydrated. And i would also keep up with the pain relief if he is feeling miserable. There are some nasty viruses going around

Hope your little man feels better soon.

i would tend to get a second opinion if you are worried.

Agreed. No harm in a second opinion. You know him best and that he's not his usual self. Hope he's okay. keep us posted.

take him back i took mine this morning and then again this afternoon, by then his eardrum had just about burst and it was only a little red this morning.... basically if you are thinking should i take him back thats your answer just do it...

better to be over anxious rather than a mum with a very sick child,,,
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