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Blood streaked mucus poop - milk allergy? Lock Rss

My daughter had a mucas (looked like snot with jelly like consistency) poo which was streaked with blood 2 days after her 4
month immunizations. A sample was sent off and came back clean it was thought it may have just been a reaction to the rotavirus vaccine but a few days later another one (however only a spot of blood this time) and there was another 2 weeks later (same only small spot) and then another 3 weeks later this time a little more blood (but still not as much as the 1st time) and last one was 4 weeks later. At her 6 month immunizations they didn't give her the rotavirus vaccine but did give me a referal to a gastro pediatrician who i saw yesterday and he said milk allergy.

I am hopeing you can all give me ur opinions as for the past 4 weeks there has been no bloody poos and i have introduced a cow milk based formula and for the past 2 weeks she has been drinking formula bottles x 2 each day as I have returned to work (still bfing morning & night) I have been eating more yogurt than usual and she has even been eating yogurt almost every day for the past week & a half (I thought the cultures could help) Now I am of the opinion that if it was a milk allergy wouldn't symptoms be worse now due to the formula, yogurt etc? She is generally a happy baby and doesn't strain pooing, I can't even tell when she is pooing except for the smell once she is done. I don't really want to proceed with the prescription formula, dairy cutout diet and blood tests for her if I can help it as I am unsure about the diagnosis as she has no other symptoms and wonder if this really is the answer (will happly do what I cam if it is though). There hasn't been any bloody poo in 4 weeks now. Could it have just been a "temporary reaction" and can I do damage by not doing the diet if she has a allergy but doesn't show anymore symptoms now or in the future? Eg bloody poo's stop. Appreciate ur thought any any outcomes from similar situations. Thanks
Hi there,

I'd be interested to see how you go with this, as something similar happened to my bub after her two month vax. Her tummy was a little upset after the rotarvirus vaccine and for the next couple of weeks she was vomiting more and her poos were different- mucousy and greenish. Then there was one with blood in it, same as yours, mucous streaked with blood. I took her to the hospital (it was late at night), they checked her out- she seemed fine, happy, gaining weight etc. They tested her poo, nothing showed up. I took her to two different GPs, they said maybe it's an anal fissure. No real answer. I got the occaisional bit of blood in her poo for the next week or two.

I thought, just from my own research, maybe a milk allergy and was going to cut dairy out of my diet. Then she seemed to go back to normal. She is still fully breastfed and hasn't had any more probs. She is now due for her four month vax and I'll be interested to see what happens. I don't know whether to refuse that particular vax or not. Everyone Dr I asked said it couldn't have been the vaccine, but I really think it was. I think maybe milk allergy is a bit of a blanket answer and if your bub is fine now then it can't really be that- it should have gotten worse, not better, IYKWIM? Especially as you've been giving her cows milk formula. If she is fine and happy and gaining weight and her poos are normal, then it can't be an allergy, can it? I really think the rotarvirus vax has something to do with it and would be interested to hear if anyone else has had similar problems.

Sorry for rambling, lol. The whole situation was frustrating for me as she seemed so healthy, yet bloody poo can't be normal, you know? And no one could give me an answer. Not much help, am I? Sorry smile
This is what happened to my DS around 4 months of age (now 10 months). He was breastfeed for a week but due to low birth weight and jaundice he didn’t have any energy to feed and was getting dehydrated so was switched to formula.

After a few weeks on formula, he would vomit all the time and started getting very unsettled so went to the doctors and diagnosed with reflux and put on AR formula. His vomiting improved a bit so thought that all was okay until at around 4 months he was so clingy that I couldn’t put him down, was not gaining enough weight and vomiting all the time. I then changed his nappy and his poo was full of mucous and blood clots. The doctor did two stool samples and one had a huge clot with mucous in it and the other one looked clear but still had a lot of blood it. His poo was always a dark green colour which I was told was due to iron but I’m pretty sure it was blood in his poo.

We were referred to a paed and she diagnosed a cow’s milk allergy. He was switched to a non cow’s milk formula (Neocate) and has been a different child altogether. We get an scrpit for 8 tins and it cost $34.20. We were asked to try him on cows milk before he turns 12 months as a lot of children outgrow the allergy but his poo started getting more frequent and with mucous in it again so will see the paed after he turns 12 months and see what she says.

If you want to know anything else or just have any questions, feel free to PM me.
I would be getting a second opinion to put your mind at ease.
If the stool sample came back clear of a dairy allergy, then it isnt that & having a dairy free diet is a waste of time - it is hard too - so i owuldnt recommend going there if you dont really have to.
Having blood in her stools is not normal tho, so there must be an underlying problem of some sort - even if it was just something from the immunisation.

We have had 1 baby with a lactose intollerance & 1 with a milk protein allergy (true allergy, she is now 4 & still off dairy & soy....), so i totally understand how frustrating getting an answer is.

good luck
Thanks ladies. It seems like this is a very common thing. I feel like if it was an allergy then it would of been present sooner and she would be vomiting up all her milk or having diarrhea and generally just being miserable because she's not well but she's happy. She may vomit occasionally after a feed but it's only ever a small amount. She doesn't have eczema or reflux or anything like that so I really feel like it was a reaction to the vaccine. Anyways I have to send her poo off for testing first before we look at the diet and change formulas so see what that sends back. I'm doing a little test myself and am making a point of drinking milk everyday to see if the poo comes back with my intake of milk. I suppose this will let me know.
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Hi, I'm in the exact same boat. My daughter had blood in her stool the same day after getting her vaccines. She then didn't have any for four weeks, then the mucus and blood came back again. They are like tiny streaks of blood and a tonne of mucus. I was also told that the obvious answer is milk allergy so I'm battling that now. I also suspect it was a reaction to the vaccine but find it odd that it would resurface after 4 weeks! Would love to hear from people on how it turned out, so stressful!
When we have an upset bowel - whether from a gastro bug or food poisoning -our bodies can struggle to deal with dairy temporarily. It usually settles down fairly quickly. Maybe babies show up this reaction in response to the dairy (especially from breastmilk) after the rotor vaccines because of this, as it does upset their bowel a little for a couple of days, rather than being a reaction to the vaccine specifically. I had babies that had occasional bloody mucous, and in their stools, from their intolerance to me having some dairy when I was breastfeeding. I had to be fairly careful.
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