Just a warning to all parents.

Panadol, Nurofen, Dymadon, Dimetapp - all the childrens medicines that claim to be Sugar Free - all contain artificial sweeteners.

No way am I putting that poison in my son's body!

If you still want to use a paracetamol, there are chemists around who will make up a mixture for you, without the artificial additives.

Either that or the Brauers range is great - you just need to use that a bit longer, as natural remedies need to build up in the system. They're not designed to give the instant relief that painkillers do.

With all I've studied re artificial sweeteners, and heard from professionals such as neurosurgeons (who told my cousin not to touch them with a 10ft pole), I steer clear. Good old fashioned sugar for me.

Extended use of sweeteners doesn't help weight loss anyway - they damage the liver, which is the organ required to process fats, so I really don't see why they're on the market at all.

A little bit of sugar in medicine doesn't cause obesity. What are they thinking - really ?!?

High fat, too many processed and chemical rich foods, hormone deficiencies and low activity levels cause obesity.