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Hi guys

I was wondering how long it should last for. She only has the bottom end going but she has had it for 5 days. I know it is a virus because the rest of the family have all had it, it just seems to be hanging on in her poor little buggar. She is still weeing and is otherwise ok do I let it run its course??

hi there
gastro in babies can last anyway from 10-14 days in babies, not nice at all i hope your little one gets over it soon for you

DS and I had it a few weeks ago, 10 days, and yep, let it run its course

Yes around 10 days is correct and let it take it course. Make sure you keep your child hydrated preferably with an electrolyte solution such as Hydralyte or Repalyte.

pharmacist from sa

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Thankyou for the replies greatly appreciated. Looks like a few more days of poo explosions!
Yep bubs had it roughly a month ago for about 1.5 weeks. As long as there's no blood or mucous then it's just got to run it's course.

My Dr said no fruit or 'fibre-rich' vegies, so plain foods like bread/rice/pasta with little to no sauce. If on formula reduce the mix by half (eg if you use 4 scoops just use 2) as the milk can aggravate. Watered down hydrolyte to replace the electrolytes being lost. Oh and a bath daily + use a barrier cream (i like Amolin) with every nappy change to help protect the skin.

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