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Nappy Rash Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

My little bub is 9 weeks and has an awful nappy rash. Its turned kind of blistery (not sure if thats how you'd describe it, but its raised and feels rough and is like little lumps on her skin). Anyway, she's had it since she was about 3/4 weeks old and I've been taking her to the doc and trying all sorts of different things and nothing seems to be helping. I've asked a peadiatrician (and tried his suggestions) but nothing seems to be working to get rid of it. We're using disposable nappies and I'm changing them constantly. I've tried zinc and castor oil cream, resolve (anti fungal cream because at one stage it was thrush and the doc prescribed it) as well as bepanthem and sudo cream. I'm not sure what else to try and its frustrating that I cannot get rid of it.

Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem or if anyone has any suggestions??

We are off to the doctor again tomorrow but its just starting to feel like they have no idea either and they're just trying new creams in the hope that eventually something would work.

Could it be something I'm eating do you think? And if so, what? My peadiatrician doesn't think so but I'm not convinced!

Thanks for your help in advance!

I recommend Lucas PawPaw cream, it worked wonders on my lil man.
I use it for everything its really good!
I have always just used Sudocrem or Sorbolene, they seem to work a treat my my girls. I find a certain brand of nappies sets off nappy rash for my youngest ( i use disposable too), not to mention they smell bad when wet. My advice as a mum is to keep the area as dry as possible, might even try talc. I wouldn't use soap around the area either. Hope this helps.
I found that if I used any other nappy but huggies both my kids got nappy rash.. Although this is not nappy rash, but my son had a horrible rash around his mouth for months, and I did the same thing taking him to dr's trying all creams, but then I went to a naturopath, she took a few things out of his diet and prescribed a natural cream and the rash was gone in 5 days forever..
Thanks for the ideas. I will give the paw paw ointment a go, I have some of it here. Do you just put it on like nappy rash cream? Thickly or just a thin layer?

I'm using huggies nappies and I was using huggies wipes but have recently changed to curash ones cause I wondered if it might have been the wipes. All alcohol and fragrance free.
I don't know if it can be used on babies but when I have patients who are really badly excoriated (meaning adult nappy rash smile I use barrier wipes *link removed*. They leave a thin film which can't be wiped off so there is less trauma to the skin when you wipe.
Maybe you could try using warm water and face washers instead of baby wipes, and just pat bub's skin instead of wiping.
Also if the rash is blistery it could be a reaction to something. If it's not getting better maybe get a referral to a dermatologist?
Hi there.
My kids can't use any wipes other than the Huggies Extra Sensitive (blueish pack) or they get bad nappy rash.
The best cream I have found is called Covitol (from the chemist) It is zinc and cod liver oil. Magic stuff, but it stinks! We only use it at night when it's really bad and by morning it is already clearing.
Hope you find something that works.
Also recommend lucas paw paw ointment. The stuff is pure gold! I still use it for all sorts of things on my kids, (they're not in nappies anymore) whenever they have a scrape or whatever. Heals the skin really fast.
I used to use chucks wipes in warm water instead of wipes too. Worked well.
DS1 recently had a really bad nappy rash whoile teething and it would just not go away. The pharmacist recommended hydrosole cream which can only be used 3 times a day and paw paw ointment in between.It cleared up overnight! We continued using it for a few days and then went to just the paw paw ointment and it's been good since.

My fail safe for nappy rash (my son had it so severely once sad was horrible) is to put a tablespoon of bi carb soda in their bath, it settles the skin down... As much air time as you can give their poor little bum, after the bath is great! And I use a cream called nappy goo which is made by the royal childrens hospital! It's been brilliant! It has the zinc etc but also healing oils in it! You have to check the website as where to get it though as only a small number of chemists supply it, or I'm pretty sure you can buy it online! It's about $10 a tube! Also maybe watch anything acidic you may be eating???? If all else fails, maybe need to see a dermatologist?? Good luck!!
The one thing I do, is wash my baby's bottom with warm water at every nappy change. Leave the wipes for going out. She was getting a nappy rash when I was using wipes too often. Putting different kind of creams, or other stuff and wiping constantly might irritate your baby's skin even more. Stick to one (like sudocream), and apply after you wash her. My baby's rash didn't seem to be as severe as your bubba's, so after 2 days of doing this it was completly gone. She hasn't had nappy rash since then. Put water in a bowl for her instead of wetting a flannel, because I reckon the rubbing of irritated skin doesn't help with the healing.
Good luck wink
When my son (now 6yrs) got nappy rash, the only thing that would fix it would be anti-fungal cream, like Clonea. It would clear it up real quick. With my 14mth old girl, the only thing that works is Savlon.

I always use Paw Paw ointment as a barrier, but it never worked for bad nappy rash (which certain foods caused).

Hope your bubs rash goes soon.
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