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teaching baby to take bottle Lock Rss

Im in the process of teaching my 6 month year old son to take the bottle. Hes pure breast fed. Im starting part time work on the 17th of this month. Am desperate to get him on the bottle. Are there any tips or advice that might help this process along. Ive got the sippy cup, ive tried him with water but refuses. HELP
how long are you going to be away from him? is it possible to go feed him or have him brought to you??? if you are away 4-5 hours although it maybe stressful he may take enough to keep him going especially if he has a sleep, you feed him before you go and on pick up and he has some sort of solids also.

maybe spoon fed or syrine also could be an option. where is he going to be?
Could you try finger feeding first so he gets used to something thats not a nipple? (Basically you wash and rinse your hands to get rid of germs and other tastes, insert your finger into his mouth so he starts sucking on it then use a syringe to squirt milk in).

Also are you feeding him breastmilk or formula in the bottle (maybe its a taste thing) and what bottles are you using? If you have say, Avent bottles, try getting a couple of Tommie Tipper closer to nature bottles that are more boob like and have a look at the teat. It could be too fast or too slow a flow for him.

Also if it is breast milk, try freshly expressed rather than stuff that has been chillled or frozen from earlier as I read somewhere that freezing and chilling can affect the taste and smell.

good luck!
our daughter hated the bottle and took us a bit to get her to take it, every day id give her a feed with the bottle to get her use to the latex, and in the end tho its definitely each to their own on this one, gave her a dummy of the same make of the bottle, to get her use to the texture and the different way of sucking to get her milk. perserverance really is the key
I think subzero's advice is the best especially if you are working part time. I had to come home at lunch for my little one as she outright refused the bottle - very stressful!

Everyone said persevere and if she's really hungry she will but she didnt. in the end i gave her a dummy so at least she had something to comfort suck

good luck smile
My 9mth old also refused the bottle he drank his water from a straw cup so this is how he now driks formula. Good luck
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