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10month old sick need advice Lock Rss

So here goes
DS2 has been sick for 4 days, Cold and flu symptoms, fevers, cough and off his bottles and solids.
Took him to doc on 1st day as he got bad really fast, doc said viral. Keep up fluids and rest.
Over day 2 he got worse vomiting up phlegm, not drinking much at all but fever broke.
Day 3 he was refusing to eat or drink anything not sleeping and symptoms were getting worse and worse so off to docs again and he gave him antibiotics for tonsillitis.
Day 4 DS2 has been on antibiotics over 24hrs now and now has developed a horrible wheeze and phlegm has turned green.

Basically i want advice on when you would take him back to the doctors?
My husband is saying i am overeating as i am pregnant with no.3 and im emotional as not slept properly in 4 days and that i need to give the antibiotics more time to kick in.

How long do you give antibiotics time to start seeing improvement??
They can take at least 48 hours to kick in, sometimes a bit longer
We had our 2 1/2 year old with same problems. I am also pregnant with #3, so tired from staying up all night. We went to doctor twice, on the second visit he said if we had private health to pay and go out to Knox (instead of childrens) and get a chest x-ray for pneumonia, as he'd had two little ones that morning with it. Turns out she doesn't have it, but they got her some ab's, ventolin and panadol and she has been getting better. Took two days before I saw any great improvement though. If you're worried about hydration, go and get some hydralite from tha pharmacy, you can get pre-mixed or icy poles, or powder. Not sure with 10 month old though, but I would be taking him back. I think you can never be too cautious with health.
you got to remember antibiotics have there pros and cons they basically kills all bad bugs and good. when my ds was sick with a bactiria he picked up the doctor said he seemed well hydrated and alert and would prefer to let his body fight it because antibiotics would make him worse. In your case he has got to that bad point where his body is having trouble fighting so the antiobiotics might make him worse for a bit before he gets better make sure he keeps well hydrated if he cant hold fluid i would be taking him to hospital to rehydrate him through drips thats if he vomiting and cant hold fluids down. the doc told us kids can get hydrated very quickly.
If you're concerned take him back to the Dr, it doesn't hurt to go back. My DD was sick recently with croup and it turned into a chest infection. I took her to the Dr 3 times in one week because she progressively got worse. The first Dr said just ride it out. She got worse, took her to the second Dr. He gave her predmix for her croup. That helped but then she got the chest infection. Went to the third Dr and he gave her antibiotics and ventolin because she was having trouble breathing. She was so much better by the next day it was amazing. But it does take time for antibiotics to work.

I'm one for going to the Dr if I think they're getting worse. But maybe see how he is tomorrow and go from there.

In your case he has got to that bad point where his body is having trouble fighting so the antiobiotics might make him worse for a bit before he gets better

It won't be the antibiotics making him worse. It will be the illness and his weakened immune system.

If he's got green phlegm it sounds like a chest infection. Antibiotics do take a couple of days to start working, but not all bugs are sensitive to the same antibiotics. I'd probably go back to the doctor and get a sterile specimen jar for his phlegm and get it tested to see what bugs he's got.
Sounds similar to what happened to my son at 12 months and by day 4 he was totally lethargic with a fever so I took him to A&E. They discharged him at 2am in the morning and the next day was no better so I took him back to my GP who told me to take him back to the hospital. Back we went, temp of 40 degrees and pneumonia. He was in hospital for 3 days. I knew after my first few visits to the GP there was something more to it (other than a simple chest infection). Turns out I was right. Go with your gut and if you want reassurance, take your baby back.
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