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What temperature range is "normal? for a baby? Lock Rss

Too hot is 38.30C or higher.

I was told at the hospital that between 36.0oc and 37.3oc is normal, over that is a mild temp until 38oc then you may need to do something but depends on the age and situation of your bub

A 'normal temp' is about 36.3 - 37.5 celcius. Anything above 37.5 is a mild fever and can be treated with panadol (after 1 month old), anything above 38 is a concern and temps over 40 degrees should be treated very seriously. If you are able to lower a high temp with panadol, water and removing clothing then this is a positive sign, if temps go up or stay the same after these measures its best to take bub to see a Dr. That's just what my G.P. said in relation to temps and my boys...
Agree with other comments, just wanted to add that once panadol etc given, baby's temp should drop by 1 degree celcius within the hour. If it doesn't drop, seek help!

Just to add its important to also ensure they stay warm over 36.0 preferably over 36.5

As previously said - up to 37.5 is ok for babies.

Hope this helps
Just wanted to add that while it's a concern if panadol/nurofen don't drop a temp, just because the temp responds to panadol isn't reassuring re the cause. So pay more attention to how your child seems to you when they have a fever rather than the temperature change. Even kids with meningitis who're really sick will often have a temp that responds to panadol, but they'll still be really sick iykwim.

Agree with everything else, newborns should be 36.5-37.4, 38 and above is a fever, although in an older child 38.5 is usually considered a high fever. And 40 or above is really high!

Hope that helps
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