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DD (15 weeks) has eczema primarily on her face, but also a small amount in the folds in her ankles and elbows.

Heard about Caroline's Cream today. Has anyone tried it before? If so, what were your thoughts on it.

Here is a link to the website.
I had very bad dermatitis on my hands after having my babies and tried everything. I was inspired to use carolines cream because the pictures looked very impressive but for me the effect wasn't as impressive and at times the application stung so bad I had to wash my hands so I stopped using it. that's not to say it's bad but it wasn't a miracle cure for me. oddly I used sudocrem out of desperation after changing a nappy one night and found it to be pretty good! my son had very bad dermatitis on his face and shoulder most of his first year but eventually grew out of it but nothing worked as well as a a combo or sorboline cream and cortisone cream unfortunately. friends of mine swear by an oatmeal bath for their baby. all i can say is moisturise. moisturise, moisturise! at this early part of their life they dry out very easily and I would say slap on a good barrier cream or mild moisuriser like cetaphil 3 times a day

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HI, My son is 7 months old and has had eczema problems. Mostly on his face. i bought the caroline lotion and body wash and found the smell of it really revolting. I think it makes my sons eczema worse, For example yesterday i put it about 4 times during the day and today in the morning when i went to get him out of his Cot, it was wayyyy worse. Definitely doesnt do anything for my son or my eczema. But it may work for you! trial and error i guess! i agree with Tezzamumma, i found using sorbolene creme during bath time and after works well and the Cortisone if it gets bad again. and i have heard that a Oatmeal bath is good. My maternal health nurse recommended it! but i havnt tried it.
Hi ! I havnt tried carolines cream. But i am using sigmacort ointment on DD atm. Shes 3 months, and its worked! Not too sure if u need a prescription (ask ur paed just incase).
and im using QV wash.. has no smell to it all.
her paed told me to stay away from any washes and creams that have perfumes in it. I think it could make bubs eczema worse
I bought a tube of Carolines Cream when I seen the story on Today Tonight or ACA (can't remember). I only put it on my daughter in the morning, after her shower and when she starts scratching at her arm, back of her neck or wherever it's affecting her.
I have found it has helped her a little, but each person is different to what will work for them.
So give it a go, and if it works, it works. If it doesn't, then you will need to just find something else unfortunately.
Hi there,
try they have excellent natural baby skincare products. The lady started making her own after nothing cured her son's eczema. I use the "Billie Baby Body Washe 250ml" on my baby even though she hasn't got eczema as it is gentle, natural and has no chemicals and best of all, no bad smell smile. I even use it on myself as I used to suffer from eczema.

Don't use Johnson & Johnson as their products are full of chemicals even though they claim they are for babies. Petrochemicals and mineral oils are the worst for sensitive skin.

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