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Hi all, my poor little thing has what the doctor says is eczema. Is appearing all over his chin, and just moved onto his chest lately. Im not sure the cause and what to do. Have tried bepanthen, sudocream, aveno cream and currash. Nothing seems to be working. Also use currash and aveno for his shower - even tho he never showed any allergy to his previous johnsons one. From birth he had nice skin, no nappy rash, and no family history of eczema. Also has dribbled/teething for atleast 3 months and wasnt a problem. Can only think the dribble combined with the food could be irritant? Happened not long after his 5 month immunisation, but this also was around same time he was having solids. Tried different solids to check for food allergy but still there.
Hey there,
I sent you a message =)
DD#2 has had eczema primarily on her cheeks from 10wks of age.

Docs have all said that there is nothing that can be done at her age as everything is too strong for her skin.

She is currently on a lactose free formula with a hope that this may help.

We are seeing a paed in just over a week from now, so it's just wait and see until then.

We do not bath in anything other than water (no soap). I have an eczema cream that I picked up from the natropath to put on it to stop it itching, but that is all it does.

Will update if the paed comes up with any remedies to try as I also am pulling my hair out.
DD has it on the back of her knees- the chemist suggested simply sorbolene which has helped but not cured it. Apparently QV is also great.
[quote name='LoveBeingMummy' date='23 October 2011 - 09:36 AM' timestamp='1319333776' post='3081139']
DD has it on the back of her knees- the chemist suggested simply sorbolene which has helped but not cured it. Apparently QV is also great.[/quote]
Sorbolene is full of dodgey chemicals that will continue to irritate the problem while other ingredients it contains will soothe the excema. [url=][img]htt...]
Try to stick with natural ingredients, no petro-chemicals and no soap.
To the op what solids are you giving? I would start by avoiding anything starchy (potato) or too acidic (like apple). The timing of starting the solids and the rash appearing are a little to coincidental to discount imo.
Hi sweeta!
I feel for you as I have had the exact same problem with my son, who is now 10 months old. He has had red, scaly rash on his cheeks, forehead, in his hair, chin, and chest, even on his poor wee hands. He looked like he had really bad cradle cap too, skin was peeling off his scalp in chunks. I did the eliminating and reintroducing certain foods but it was all a bit difficult to determine which food was causing it. I tried almost every cream on the market and while it helped for a short time, the eczema came back angrier and more irritable than ever. I was desperate for something to work! In the end, what worked, is leaving it alone, use nothing!!

I took him to the doctor to try and get something stronger to help with this ugly condition (my poor handsome son looked like a little battered lizard!!) and he told me all creams, oils and ointments do is mask the problem temporarily and then the eczema will keep coming back. Companies are making a huge profit out of advertising these potions which in the long run, never work. So the trick is to use nothing at all, let the skin adjust and heal on its own. I was very very sceptical! In fact I nearly walked out of his office right there and then. But I was so desperate I thought I'd try, I had nothing to lose (and I'd get to keep my money in the long run!). All I use now is Eco-store soap and shampoo in the bath and nothing else - no creams, moisturisers or oils (I was even using castor oil on his scalp for a while - the doctor said what looks like peeling skin off his scalp is actually dried oil). For a few days it didn't change, but now, 2 weeks later, his skin is the best it has been since he was 4 months old!! And he is in the throes of cutting 4 teeth, two top and two bottom (his teeth came thru rather late). I always put the cheek rash down to teething rash, but it clearly isn't. It was really really hard for me at first not to put anything on because I'd been conditioned to believe baby's skin is so sensitive and needs "help" to protect itself from the environment and food intolerances etc. The doctor was right tho, let his skin do the work and it'll come right.
Now, despite my skepticism at the beginning, I think the doctor had a good point. There's my 2 cents smile
My daughter (now 9) used to be hospitalized for her eczema!
you NEED to moisterise!!! avoid ALL johnson and johnson products! they are the worst! even on my son who is 22 months, i avoid those, in the hospital they use hamiltons bath oil, which i find still works on my children, no perfumed moisterises, but you need to use something, and each baby is different, my children cant use QV as it makes them worse, but it works on my niece? i use hamiltons bath oil, lucas' paw paw ointment and a moisteriser, but i cant remember the name of it, as i refill a bottle at my nans, but my daughter who used to be hospitalized no longer needs to go in, originally the doctor said dont bath often, so ever second day and cream up every day and sometimes 2ce a day, in hospiatal my daughter had to bath 3times a day, then cream everytime and bandages. hope this helps, just remember ever child is different, so different things will work, but try everything, you will find something that works for you, but you have to keep skin moist, because when it dries it gets itchy, itchy and hot, and then spreads.

good luck
My Mum had the same problem with me when I was a baby. I was covered in weeping excema all over my body. She went and saw a naturopath as they never had lactose free formula back then. They put her on a strict low acidic diet and she reckons within a week my skin had started to heal.
I was allergic to dairy products, nuts and eggs but Mum's diet avoided tomatoes, oranges and any other highly acidic foods.
I am now pregnant with number 2 but haven't had any dramas and am completely excema free however my sister's second baby (red hair and fair skin complexion) has had it really bad. She uses steroid creams when it is really bad but baths him in plain water. She hasn't changed his diet and is still having problems.
Goodluck. I hope something in here helps.
I suffer from contact dermatitis, I have a variety of prescribed creams from my dermatologist. But for your baby, I'd avoid all soaps and perfumed creams.

someone earlier suggested sorbelene... this actually burns my skin, as does bath oils.

I have to use omo sensitive for my laundry, (which we tend to do for our babies anyway), and I have to moisturise often. I like the aveeno brand, it's affordable and for me it works better than QV or hamiltons.

You'll find what works for someone else might not work for you though...... My sister suffers from extremely bad eczema all over her body, and absolutely NOTHING provides her relief.

I hope you find something soon for your little one, it really is a horrible thing to have to deal with.

Hey there!! okay im a long term Eczema sufferer! since a baby i had it bad on my body and through my childhood i had it constantly on my inner elbow bends.. it went away when i was 18 briefly and when i got pregnant it came back on my neck and recently my TOP LIP! its been soo terrible and usually i would use a cortizone cream but being pregnant u cant..

i began trying everything! all those QV and Dermaveen creams and lotions to just moisturising to even sudo cream and bepanthen to burts bees to bio oil everything under the sun.. i then accepted well this is how its gonna be then fine.. i gave up all midwives said u just gotta get through it!

until i went to coles.. i had enough by now when i noticed.. a new product..

Nyal Eczema relief ointment and cream.

i bought both and i tried the cream first, it stung and i relaised it had alcohol and a bounty of ingredients it helped briefly..

then i moved to the ointment... which contains only: oatmeal, paraffin liquid and paraffin soft white.. Thats it no alcohol no allergens

and within one day the flakey itchy skin was disappearing and im on 3days now and my severley red and flakey eczema is pretty much gone! and all i do is carry around the tub and apply it if i feel itchy or a flare up coming on and it SOOTHES! so when its itchy and all u wanna do is scratch u apply this and instantly i didnt feel the need to itch nor the warm sensation u get from a flare up..

Im not a spokesperson im a pregnant at my wits end eczema sufferer and i found my cure i highly suggest trying it and it is safe for infants.. or so it says on the package! give it a go!
My DD and I are both suffer from eczema, an it can be as little as a change in the weather that will trigger it.
We us a ph 5.5 wash and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! We also try to only wear cotton clothing and avoid preservatives.
I recently came across a natural product called MooGoo, it is unreal! DD had terrible eczema behind one knee and under an armpit, it cleared up in 4 days and hasnt returned (approx 2 weeks). I recomend you give it a try smile
my DD had her eczema at around 5 weeks.. her Dr told me to stay away from anything with perfumes and colours and suggested me to use QV wash and cream. The QV cream helped abit, but it would just come back a day or 2 later. So then he got me to use sigmacort ointment on her. It worked pretty much just after a day! and she wouldnt get flare ups until the weather was really hot.

Hope this helps =)
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