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hey my 2month old has broken out in eczema unsure why can u help on ideas to treat it or ideas on why it myt have started me and her dad dont have it
My DS1 had terrible eczema from about 9 months of age. I tried numerous products, but had to resort to the steriod cream to clear it up. A friend suggested Beauty and the Bees (google it) a natural product from Tasmania. That worked beautifully and cleared his eczema immediately. The only problem I found was that the moisturising cream was a bit too greasy. I continued to use it until the eczema came back again (which was years later) and moved onto another product called billy goats soap. This is excellent and the eczema has never come back after using this. I just buy the pump soap and use regular sorbelene cream.
When I had DS2, I started using the billy goat soap too as they were sharing a bath together. DS2's skin was Ok but not as smooth as what you you expect for a newborn (lots of little pimples on his face). When I had my 6 week check up, the ped. asked what I was using and told me to use QV bath and QV oil together in the bath, followed by moisturising cream. I did this and DS2's skin looked amazing immediately. I was concerned that the eczema may come back on DS1 but it never has. I was desperate to use anything other than steriod creams as prolonged use can cause pigmentation loss in the skin and DS1's eczema was on his face. At this stage, it seems that I have found something that works for both of them.
Another product which I have heard is good but never tried it was Moo Goo.
Good luck.
I found out my daughter had eczema when she was around 9 months old. It was all over her face, I nearly had a heart attack! I thought it was dry skin because it was winter when this happened, so I did take her to the doctor, who said it was eczema, but advised to not put her on anything which had quaterzone in it due to her age. I have tried a few things with her that were natural, but I have found Goats Milk soap and cream have been pretty good. QV cream for when she has a shower has also been helpful.
I seen on Today Tonight something called Carolines Cream which is good for eczema I ended up buying which was also very helpful and calmed it down. So it's really a matter of trial and error which will work, but just get to the chemist and see what they have and you will know what works best for you.
Hi there,
try they have excellent natural baby skincare products. The lady started making her own after nothing cured her son's eczema. I use the "Billie Baby Body Washe 250ml" on my baby even though she hasn't got eczema as it is gentle, natural and has no chemicals. I even use it on myself as I used to suffer from eczema.
Don't use Johnson & Johnson as their products are full of chemicals even though they claim they are for babies. Petrochemicals and mineral oils are the worst for sensitive skin.

Hi everyone just wondering if these natural soaps and oils suggested are ok for the face as well or just body? My 2 month old also has what I believe is eczema, but only on her face and behind her ears, haven't been sure what to use as I didn't want to disturb the oil production and make it worse.

My daughter has suffered terribly from eczema since birth & we have tried everything. The best things that we have found are rolled oats in a stocking (just normal cheap oats from the supermarket in cheap stockings to use like a cake of soap), chamomile tea bags in her bath (3 tea bags in a cup of hot water for 10mintes then tip the whole thing into her bath, tea bags & all she loves pretending to make cups of tea now LOL oh & the water colour likes terrible but it works smile) & the only other cream & soap that has worked is Caroline's Cream which is currently working wonders on her back:-) Good Luck!

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