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Nappy Rash Lock Rss

My DS has nasty nasty bum rash I took him to the doctors yesterday and she gave us an anti fungal and anti flam cream and told me to give him heaps of nappy off time, which I've been doing. Only I notice that while the rash on his balls is getting better, the one on his bum is worse, and bits of his skin is peeling, she said if it doesn't clear up in 3 days to come back, but I'm wondering if I should take him early or not? What do you think? He's very grumpy and it seems to be bugging him quite a bit, so I have basically been letting him roll around naked a lot. I feel so sorry for my little man what can I do to help?

I agree with not using wipes for a while, we always swap to cotton balls and warm water with nappy rash (along with cream) and it seems to heal faster than if we just use cream.

DS had really bad nappy rash. I tried all the things yo have done. We went to the paediatrician and she suggested pasting the area with zinc & castor oil cream. It was cleared up in a couple of days! Good luck! smile
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