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Little spots on baby's chest. Lock Rss

My DD has got little pimple like spots on her chest. Does anyone know what they would be?

Could it be a reaction to food perhaps?
It could be a reaction to a new food if you've started any new foods. Any chance it could be a heat rash? How is your little one otherwise? Any temperature? Is she well in her self?
If she's well otherwise then I'd say it's maybe a reaction to food but keep a close eye on her as they tend to get sick quite quickly, not meaning to worry you. smile
It could be, but it might also be heat rash! I find that food allergies give me hives which as big spots (like mozzie bites) but heat rash is like pin pricks. You could try google imageing to see if it looks like heat rash.
Thanks for that, they have little white heads but are only very small. It's very hot here today so could be that or I have been trying different foods, will be keeping an eye on her - thanks! xx
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