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Kidney Reflux Lock Rss

Hi Guys,
My little boy was diagnosed with kidney reflux at 8 weeks old and have found out its a grade 4 in his right kidney and only a third function in his right, we are waiting till he is over 6 months old for surgery he is 4 months now.
Just wondering if anyone else has gone through his and there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel, Its so stressful out Pead. told us he isnt allowed in sun coz of his antibiotics,
Hope to hear from people soon
thanks Sim
Hi! Sorry you & your family are going through such a stressful time! How did you find out if you dont mind me asking? Have they given you information on your sons condition? And informed you on what will be happening during the operation?

I can relate.
Our second daughter was born with a kidney abnormality called duplex kidney (2 ureters) on her left kidney. One of them was severely dilated, and she had hydronephrosis. She had a cyst blocking the dilated ureter from the bladder, so she had reflux caused by obstruction.

She stayed in hospital for a UTI at 2 weeks old, then were given antibiotics to give her at home daily. Unfortunately she had another UTI at 7 weeks old. From the first stay to the second, her condition had worsened and they had to perform surgery sooner than they'd hoped.

At 9 weeks old she had surgery where they put a special camera & knife up her weehole to puncture the cyst, allowing urine to flow properly. The surgery worked & after her follow up appointment, we took her off the daily antibiotics. She hasnt had a UTI since. She has annual ultrasounds & checkups with the urologist team at the hospital. The top part of her kidney is pretty much nonfunctioning from the damage, but the docs said its better to leave it there so long as it isnt causing any problems.

It was such a rough time! I thought it was never going to end with all the hospital stays, tests, appointments & making sure we didnt forget her medication. But there is light at the end of the tunnel! Just take one day at a time.

Good luck! And I hope the surgery works as planned smile
Hi Ladies,

My daughter is now almost one and had her scans at 8months to be told by the lady doing the scans my daughter deff has kidney reflux,the pediatrition we were under however sadly never bothered telling us anything and was like yer she has it,book into see me (wanting more money)- It took her 6months to bother testing my daughter for kidney reflux,Bubs has been in and out of hospital since 2months of age for utis,feeding tubes etc.
At the momment we are waiting till next month to see a new pediatrition who is in the process of trying to get all my daughters medical notes of the old hospital and pediatritiont to indicate the level and functions of bubs kidneys.

Sadly my daughter is alergic to alot of the antibotics given sad or her body has just gotten use to them,so its a little bit of trial and error with her when she is admitted to hospital.

Also wondering have you ladies got a diet sheet yet,our old pedi never gave us one but ive been told theres food we should avoide but I dont know what expect for only give them bananas occasionaly.

I hope your lil ones will be okay and wish you all the best.
Hi again im sorry i havent posted on here faster,
My little one went to hospital with a high fever at 8 weeks they did a urine sample it came back with a uti, the paed. at my hospital worked so so fast and within 2 days we got told he has kidney reflux, we are booked in to see the proffessor on 7th May for a consultation and to do the surgrey im not too sure what is actually going on till Monday, so i will post you something after i go on the 7th..
All the best
Hi Again, we have just came back from Sydney after seeing the professor on Monday he told us he has a grade 5 on his right side and we were suppose to do surgrey but there was a emergency and have been told to come back in a couple of weeks... im slowly seeing a light at the end of the tunnel so happy happy.. smile
glad to find people going through similar issues as us. My DS 3 months has kidney issues. He has what they call a double collecting system. 2 tubes coming from his kidney down to his bladder instead of the one and one has a kink in it, on his left side. he is on antibotics everyday till we see the pead again in august. we are waiting for a referral to see a urologist in the next month or 2 and if not needed before then surgery when he turns 2. we are just goingwith the flow at the moment and keeping an eye on him. no kidney damage as yet but have to get a urine sample every time he gets a temp and take it to the drs for testing to see if its a uti.

how is every one else going
Hi, my 3rd son, 7 weeks old todAy and we were just discharged from a 3 day stay in hospital. We in Perth WA and they picked up on an enlarged kidney whilst I was pregnant. Son was placed on antibiotics from birth as precaution to prevent and infections from occurring. They done ultrasound at 3 days of age and we were told it looked fine but was inconclusive so they booked us with PMH for scan at 2 weeks of age. Apparently he would stay on antibiotics until the scan results were known. It was hell trying to figure out who would give us the results of that ultrasound as one hospital referred us but then couldn't get anyone to interperet results. Went to local GP who chased it up for us, took a while but finally found out it "appeared normal"
Meanwhile son was extremely unsettled and we were told silent reflux, (unrelated to kidney) we tried adding thickening agent to formula and prop him up to sleep, keep him upright after feeding etx etx.
At 6 weeks of age after our 3rd trip to EMERGENCY with a "unsettled/unhappy" 6 week old baby.... We were told the 2 week ultrasound results showed a "kink" in ureter and that it would correct as bub grows! The renal consultant also said we could stop the antibiotics. (That was a Friday and bub was 6 weeks to the day) we thought it would finally mean the tummy pains would stop (we thought prophylactic antibiotics causing upset tummy) by Monday he was running temperatures of 38.8 and by Tuesday we were admitted to hospital. They tried to send us home twice with explanation of "reflux" and/or UTI. I asked them for more kidney scans but was told to wait til he 3 mths old....
They finally agreed to X-rays with dye being pumped into bladder to watch back flow. Stage 3 on right and stage 2 on left kidney. Now on antibiotics for UTI and then back onto prophylactic antibiotics and seeing paed surgeons on 23 rd June (.will be 8weeks old ) to discuss further course of action.

What I am trying to find out is long term effects of this condition.... What does kidney scarring mean? And how will it affect him when he is older? Is this more common in girls vs boys? This is my 3rd son and haven't seen any signs in the other boys (3 and 5 years - my 5 yr old wears night nappies but otherwise no issues)
Has anyone discussed long term use of antibiotics in babies ( we been til could be 6/12months old before we stop antibiotics)
Simone2009 I’m interested to hear if your baby has had the surgery yet?we are in a similar situation to you and would like to hear how you guys got on?
Are you having surgery done in Perth?
You should make a kidney's work as easy as it possible could be, so that means you can try to improve eating and recycling it mechanism to make it more easy for kidneys. If your baby is too small, the only thing you can do about it is to get him on special diet, that he or she are not eating hard to recycle food. If it's older than 3, you can try to go for reviews of Superbeets and pick something for the it's guts and tummy. Pretty sure you'll be okay and with you best!
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