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I have a 4 month old and I satred to express I just wnt to know who else expresses and do u find it hard aswell is there a certain way u find easier I would like to know and how much do u get out of one breast

I didnt find expressing hard while I was breastfeeding. It was more of a hassle and alot slower (bubs was a really quick drinker), I did however find hand expressing gave me more milk, and didnt irritate the nipples as much (pumps tend to pull too much).

As far as how much you get out of one breast? It depends how soon since the last feed it is, and also the time of day. I found I had less milk later in the day (not a great deal less, but abit) and full boobs in the morning. If I expressed an hour after a feed, I could possibly get anywhere from 60-100 ml from both boobs, one boob would usually give more milk than the other.
thanx that helps alot and yea i agree about having less milk in the afternnon and more in the morning as thats the same with me.

It can take awhile to get the technique right for handexpressing too so if it doesnt work straight away, dont give up. Both my boobs needed different hand expressing techniques, so its just about trying different ways.
my DD2 is 5 wks tomorrow and ive been expressing for the majority of the time with a manual pump i find its not that much hassle just do it when i know shes due for a feed - i have a super fast let down so only takes me 5 or so mins to get 100ml each boob. at the moment im doing between 80-100ml each boob.i find a have to change speed during it so start fast then slow then fast etc.
well my bub sleeps all night and it varys when she feeds during the day every 2 to 3 hrs so i am finding it hard trying to express because of that i guess it makes it harder as i cant get enough out so in the morning are best for me if i wanna get up at 6 am ( i hate early morning ) but if i have to i will

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