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how do I keep bubs fluids up Lock Rss

maybe you could make a game out of squirting him in the mouth with medicine syringes DS thinks its hilarious or maybe some crushed up ice cubes
not sure what else you could do other than what you've suggested
Maybe try giving him a cup with a straw, even if you do it in the bathtub if you're worried about the mess. Or a pop top drink bottle. Any novelty cup really.

Have you tried ice cream or jelly they count as fluids!!

Good Luck
jelly is a good one. get one of those 'add you own flavour' packets from the supermarket, instead of adding water or juice to the crystals make it up with hydrolyte and a tiny bit of orange or pineapple juice.

other then that i cant think of anythink beyond what your doing. but id maybe suggest trying to get a little in often, so offer a tiny bit of fluid in various forms once or twice an hour. maybe 50ml max at a time. he might be more inclined ti sip a bit here and there then be expected to down a heap at once? well thats what my kids are like when theyre sick anyhow
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