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Just wondering if anyone know's if babies can have hayfever?


I am convinced my daughter suffers from hayfever.

I suffer from it severely (itchy ears, nose and throat), and from birth my mum said that I used to grate my throat. Tahlia has done the same and as she is getting older I can see her getting frustrated with her ears also (If she had an earache I assume she would cry and scream)

So I guess I am also curious to find out!
Hi Tahlia's Mum,

Thanks for the reply. Here in Melb we've had some really nice weather the last few days but unfortunately bad for hayfever sufferers like my husband. He gets the itchy eye's but his main problem is his nose blocks up bad. I feel so sorry for him sometimes (until he leaves tissues everywhere).

Olivia has been rubbing her nose and eyes like crazy and also her ears. I'm pretty sure it's not a cold or teething and she seems to be doing it the same time Daddy is suffering hayfever. It seems to really bother her.

Hi Bangus,

My son gets hayfever he is 18mths old. You can normally tell if it is hayfever by the colour of their running nose and of course watery eyes.

It the runny nose is clear, it is highly likely it is hayfever.

I do not do anything for my son, just wipe his face with a luke warm facewasher every couple of hours which seems to help.

Thanks for that Sal,

Olivia doesn't seem to get a runny nose but it's like her eyes are itchy and bothering her.

Next time it happens I'll just wipe her face like you mentioned and see how she goes.

Hi all.

My 8 month old daughter has just been diagnoised with Hayfever. We went to the Dr this morning because she was up all night with an 80 year olds smokers cough, it was horrible.

Anyway turns out hayfever. I thought she may have had it, she's had the itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing and just generally really irritable. Her dad gets it really bad as does mine, so I guess it was bound to happen eventually. The Dr said that at this age they shouldn't usually get it, they usually get excma, the asthma and then when they are older it forms hayfever.

What I'd love to know though is if anyone knows any natural ways to control it (apart from keeping house free from dust/mould and the pollen in the garden), as I don't really like the idea of giving her antihistimine all the time.

My son also has hayfever. Don't let anyone tell you it is too early. Benjamin is only 5 months old and I have known for a while. I recognised the symptoms before anyone else.

I just use the saline nasal spray (paediatric) to clear the nose. Seems to help!!!


Sooz, Sydney, Benjamin 1/5/04 & Keira 15/9/06

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