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hi ladies, just after any advie or information you may have in regards to prosterior tongue ties. I believe they have only been being treated around last 3 years here in nz.

im in wellington and my little boy has one. He is bottle feed and it can squirt out the side, spills out the side while feeding and when you go to put bottle in his mouth you often hit resistance which i think is his tongue.

Ive heard its quite controversal as to whether to get them done or not, the osteo i took DS to said jurys still out for her. I have heard lots of positive stories online mostly are breast feeding though.

They dont know if it definitelly will help but they say his speech could be affected etc when hes older but how do we know this and if this is the case why havent we been treatig them previously and why does neither hutt or wellington hospital fix them.

We are booked in for next thursday, totall cost to us is $300 as you have to do it in consultation with the lactation consultant if you want the person who does the lasering rather than cutting. and apparently the lasering is much nicer and doesnt bleed.

any help, stories or advice would be appreciated I can find hardly anything online about them and cant seem to get info from anywhere like plunket etc.
Our son had (and does) have a tongue tie (not sure if it's a posterior type). His has proven to not cause any problems with breast or bottle feeding and is only just starting to talk (which seems fine at the moment) so we'll have to wait a bit to see if it effects his speech. I have one also which has never been treated and has never caused me any problems.

They routienly offer to cut them in the ACT if they are interfering with feeding. Would you be willing to wait and see how he goes? How old is he? Is he gaining weight well? I've known others who's babies were having trouble with feeding, but given a little bit of time, adjusted their method and had no further problems and didn't require the procedure.
hey ladies thanks for your reply. He has the posterior tongue tie not the one in the middle. beach mummy just wondering if yours was the one of the side (posterior) or the dangly bit in the middle under the tongue.

DS is 6.5 weeks ive heard cutting the prosterior ones bleed but if you laser them they dont and no one at either wellington or hutt hospital will do these. The pediatirican didnt even know what i was talking about.

LE and Little E, he is growing not to bad was a iugr baby so little 5lp 7oz but is putting weight on. His feeding isnt great and he cant seem to hold a dummy very well, I have also taken him the cranial osteo and she said there was alot of tension around this jaw, he also has a high pallet so im assuming its all connected.
Hi, I know this thread is a bit old but anyway, my miss had a TT, but it was a middle one. We got it snipped because it was causing significant breastfeeding issues. The doc said to me it was a good decision, he said even if I'd put her on the bottle and left it, we'd probably have issues down the track with solids, speech or dental. So my attitude to it is that you may as well get it sorted when they are babies and the procedure is not as traumatic (in our case, there was one drop of blood and about 10 seconds of crying followed by the best breastfeed of her life). That way, it's dealt with and you will never have to worry in the future about it smile

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hi, i have two boys, with tongue tie, one was done at 5 days old as it needed to be done due to feeding issues, the other boy i waited till he was 2 years, as his was not nowere as bad, I wish i had it done sooner, his speech and eating is much better. good luck on your journey of parent hood as you are the best one to decide on whats best for your family.
Hi ladies,

we saw cheryl

Hut hospital are starting to do the odd one, Wayne Gillingham does them privately aswell in wellington, he is a oral and facial surgeon, he is going out to hutt hospital once a week in the morning to treat tongue ties both kinds. Wayne was around $170 privately to do the prosterior, middle one might be cheaper dont know. The other place to go is naenae dental clinic, you need to go through cheryl if you want to use them so you have her costs aswell but the difference is its lasered instead of cut, they the only ones i could find that do the lasering. bleeds less and less likely to heal back up again as there is no open cut.

Im told the procedure is to ask the hosptial lactation consultant to refer you for the waiting list and then you will normally be refered to the dental area. I was told as we are not breast feeding we would not likely get on the hospital waiting list but if you are breast feeding then no probs. The middle one is alot easier, bleeds less and quicker to do some of the midwifes around wellington do it themselves as well.

The midwife may mean for you to contact the hospital lactation consultant, anne-marie and milly are at hutt hospital 04 587 2556 not sure who they are at wellington hospital.

We havent had it done yet and not sure too, we had it all booked in and had to cancel as baby ended up in childrens ward for 4 days with a urinary tract infection and on iv antibiotics and iut was over the period it was meant to be done.

As we were in hospital i took the opportunity to ask them, this info is soley on the prosterior tongue ties not the ones at the front but i was told that the midwifes and lactation consult are supporting it trying to get it down and the pediatricians are not, some didnt even know what i was talking about.

There is not enough evidence for them to make judgement on it and they dont know what is going to happen with the children who are having it done when they are older as the children having had it done have not grown up yet.

So basically the doctros were like no and the lactation conult was like yes. So I asked to be refered to the speech laungage therapist at the hospital to check there wasnt another reason baby was spilling his milk out the side and in pain while feeding and thats all good she just thinks the newborn teats are to fast for him, she said that his tongue doesnt curl as much sideways (which i wonder if this would be fixed with the tongue tie being done)

She said his tongue moves fine for speech and she cant see any problems that would interefer with his development so at the moment we are just holding fire as there has been way to much else going on in and out of hospit and at doctors since he was born, we havnet had one week where weve not be at hospt or doc.

If when he starts solids there is any problems then I know what might be the cause and can get onto it.

Good luck i have found it a very stressful situation not being able to get clear facts and evidence.
Ah tongue ties. DS1 had a very severe one which went undiagnosed until he was 4 months of age. It made those first few months so stressful for us an he just had the regular (middle) kind. Our problems started from his failure to gain weight. We had weekly weigh ins and even two appointments with a lactation consultant but no one picked it up. When I first heard about tongue ties and was suspicious this is what DS1 had I was even told by the child health nurses I was seeing that this couldn't be the problem because they would have checked for this at the first appointment. Straight after that conversation I took DS to the GP and low and behold the tongue tie was so tight he could barley get his finger underneath (though the following week when we went back to the Child Health Nurse and told her of the diagnosis she had a feel and said, "Oh yeah, he does have a slight one".

We were referred to a private paediatric surgeon and despite all the conflicting information we had read previous to our appointment she actually highly recommended having it cut. She did say it isn't always necessary, but said because DS's was so tight and because we'd already experienced significnt problems because of it (couldn't breastfeed and actually chewed formula out of a bottled because he found sucking i too difficult), that we would more then likely experience future issues including ongoing feeding issues, speech impairments (he couldn't stick his tongue out of his mouth at all there was very restricted movement) and dental/orthadontic issues. She also touch on the social issue of it and the possibility of being teased about it.

Unfortunately for us, because it had been left undiagnosed for so long he was to old to just have the simple scissors snip. With the normal tongue ties they can apparently just cut them with scissors if they are under four months of age. After that blood vessels/veins start to grow in them and as such DS required laser surgery to have his done. We ended up having it done when he was six months of age and he had to be put under a general anesthetic. That made the choice a little more difficult, but in the end we went ahead with it and haven't regretted it for a second.

DS2 and DS3 also had tongue ties but luckily neither was quite as severe. DS2 still had some problems breast feeding so we had it cut at two weeks, was done by a quick snip and the paediatric surgeon had him back to me before I even managed to sit down in the waiting room. DS3 also has one but it hasn't cause any issues to date so we haven't had anything done (though after reading one of the earlier posts I'm now slightly concerned that we may have made the wrong choice on that one...hope nothing comes of it).

After all we went through, it frustrates the hell out of me that the majority of information out there about tongue ties significantly down plays the symptoms and issues it can cause. Especially because since all my friends and family know how much of an issue it was for us, we have now become the referral point for them and any people they know who have had babies with tongue ties. I've now heard so many stories of experiences similar to ours with the general theme of frustration being that no one wants to believe them that it's causing so much trouble.....and that's without ever having eard about posterior tongue ties! I really feel for you and hope you and bub are able to get the issue sorted out. What I learnt from my experience is to go with your gut, if you feel it's the cause of the problems then keep pushing the issue.

Hi there

I believe it is entirely up to you whether or not to get it done. Being tongue-tie basically means your child has a short tongue and therefore the whole speech problems means your child becoming lisp.

I am a lisp myself and have had difficulties with pronunciation of numerous words growing up however I am a fluent and confident speaker today and can pretty much pronounce difficult words.

My daughter now 5months was also tongue-tie however I got hers snipped and it was a couple of seconds the whole snip and she slept right through it. I only chose to do the whole snipping because I do know the difficulties of speaking in school.

The whole procedure too, only cost me $40 as was signed up with a service called B4Baby in Mangere, Auckland.

Sorry have kinda realized I have gone off track on the whole subject. Just speaking from experience.
Hope some of my experiences does help and where you would like answers, do not hesitate to ask.
Liz grin

I am tongue tied.. in the centre. It went undiagnosed until I was 6 years old! Mum hadn't noticed any problems and it didnt bother me so I had it up until I was about 14 or 15 years old. (However at this age I was scared of the thought of kissing boys!!) So I asked to get it cut, went to the doctor and they did it for me on the spot.

I'm unfamiliar with the side ties, but with mine it was cut in the doctors office with a local.

Personally, if I had the choice I probably would've prefered to get it cut when I was a baby.. but I was never teased for it or anything at school, kids just found it fascinating and to be honest I was kind of proud of it! My nan still has hers after all these years, never bothered her.

I'm looking at the previous post now which was 21 days ago so I'm a bit late here.. but I don;t think I've ever come across anyone who knew anything about this! And now I've discovered there's more than one kind! Well there you go.. wonder if mine will have one?

I was told my baby had a posterior tongue tie by my midwife at about 4 weeks. She referred me to the Hutt hospital lactation consultants who referred me to Cheryl. We have an appointment to get the tie lasered at the Naenae clinic next Thursday... but I am still undecided whether to do it or not because of conflicting advice.

My GP had a look and said he couldn't see anything wrong and advised against surgery. I also had an oral surgeon look and he was quite definate that there was nothing wrong and we shouldn't do anything, even if we end up having to supplement with formula.

Alice is now 3 months and she is still a good weight but Cheryl says thats because I have a good milk supply and its just pouring into her mouth. She still loses her latch sometimes and has started fussing alot at the breast. She now only seems really happy feeding when I'm lying down which means she is doing most of her feeding at night.

I'm a bit worried about speech development as my mum had an op when she was a child and had to go to elecution lessons. She doesn't know what the op was or why she had problems but it was definately under the tongue.

I have a posterior tongue tie too but only prob I had was breast feeding (only temporarily).

I haven't heard of Wayne Gillingham.... anyone know anything about him?

hi littleredhen. Boy do I feel for you at the moment, you sound like you are in a very similar predicument to what we were.

We havent had the tie cut or lasered. We were lucky in a way that due to him being in hospital with a urine infection we got a referal to the speach therapist and she said our spilling problem may be due to his tongue not curling enough on the sides, this could be due to the tie but also having it done may make no difference which is what sheryl also did say She did however confirm that he has great movement for his speech and eating and cant see that he should have any problems.

I am not joking when I say this, 1 of the pediatricians didnt even know what I was talking about. Another when I tried to get advice from her had a laugh with the registras infront of me and said well we all know what we think of tonuge ties ha ha ha. It seems the medical profession do not agree with them unless it is interefearing with the baby thriving or it is very bad and they have only just started having any treatments done at hutt hospital for the prosteriors.

In regards to Wayne Gillingham, I have spoken to his receptionist, checked out his website and heard very good things about him. Only problem is he cuts not lasered and so can be abit more drematic for mum mainly ie can bleed. You may like to check out his website

Wayne is also the person who goes to hutt hospital once a week to do these through the public system.

My advice to you if you want it is, I would talk to your GP or plunket nurse about seeing the speach therapist to see if she thinks baby would be ok with out. If it needs to be done ask Anne-Marie the lactation consultant to refer you to the hospital dental area to have it done publically and if she cant ask again your GP or Plunket nurse to do so.

We have come to the conclusion that if hes going to be fine without it why do it and in the past when they were not treating them there seems to be nothing found that it has harmed them not to have it.

My plunket nurse has also said to me since we made the decision not to, that everyone she knows that has had it done with sheryl at naenae has not noticed any difference with bottle or breast feeding and said she thinks we mad the wright decision. She only knows what she gets told through cheryl and the consultants at the hospital.

I am sure there are some mums who it has been a god send for and where it has really been necessary, I feel that if it is really necessary then surely the hospital and GP would do something about it they are not going to leave a child with a problem if it can easily be fixed.

Now my DS is 4 months the issues we had are getting better as hes getting older and the speach therapist is checking in with us again at 6mths so if he has any problems with solids we can get onto it straight away. Only thing is the older they get the more horrible it is for them to have done ie they will need some sedation which would most likely be done through the hospital

Feel free to private message me, I accepted your request and I can now follow you but I dont know what to do so you can do the same so I wasnt able to message you.
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