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Neocate & Eczema Lock Rss

hi, My 14week old has been on neocate since around 4 weeks. I would have thought he wouldnt have eczema being on this formula, my DD did while she was on the dairy and it cleared up after going onto the soy but DS has got it and bad.

Has anyone who has used neocate had problems with eczema aswell and what did you do?

The plunket nurse keeps telling me to coat him in stuff every feed which is very hard to do while you are out but I was as much as i could with wheatgerm oil.

I originally was using weleda calandula oil but wasnt doing much and it looked like it was gettign worse so that day i decided to try the fatty cream from doctors next day he came out in a big mark above his eye i thought it was the calandula.

Doctor gave us Emulsifying ointment that really stinks and gave me a headace so i thought id try the fatty cream again well bad idea it must have been the fatty cream he reacted to not the calandula, they were used so close together i assumed it would have been the calandula as it was scented etc.

He looked like he had big burnt red patches all over his head neck and face and the eczema is now worse again everywhere all over his body.

I said to the doctor could it be the neocate he said we just aint even going to go there cause i guess if he cant have that what can he have.

Any ideas on what to do with his skin ive tried both things from doctors aswell as other things it looks really horrible and is probably sore and itchy too not that he can tell me.

any help appreciated thanks smile
Hi this might not be much help as im not really sure of the things you have been using but i get eczema myself i used the fatty cream only once and my skin broke out really bad!! I lather myself in aqueous cream everyday and also use it as a soap substitute, works really well for me. my son also gets wee patches on his body i put a hydrocortisone on him daily, when it gets bad i use pinetarsil (can buy this over the counter, it is used for all skin irritations, chicken pox etc) in his bath never use soaps on him. doc also gave me an antihistamine for when hes itchy and it is bothering him i dont use this very often but does help when he needs it. really feel for your little one eczema is a horrible thing to have. Hopefully he will grow out of it in time smile eczema also gets alot worse over winter so might not be so bad once the weather starts to warm up!
My paed suggests very basic sorbalene like QV. I only use QV products on my boy and you would never know he gets eczema. If I use anything else he goes red. They have a body wash and some thicker creams for worse areas.

Hope this helps.
Hi Mummymeg,
your problem is so so much similar to my son's eczema which started when he was 2 months old.
Tried the hydrocortisone cream suggested by doctors. Also did the wet wraps but nothing helped.
One day my GP sent a referral to the paediactric dermatologist and he gave me this miracle cream I can say, it was the fatty ointment called ADVANTEN.
I rushes to the pharmacy got the cream applied to my son's all chapped and oozing clear liquid face and head and body.. the very next day i was shocked to see if my son had eczema at all.
It really worked.. the cream does'nt stink..
I also used QV bath oil and gave him a quick 2 mins bath.

Ask your GP abt the cream as u wont get that over the counter.
Also ask ur GP about wet wraps it works.

now he has no eczema.. but sometimes a very light red rash on his face coz of the winter weather.. I apply the cream and then not until the redness appear again which would take over a month or so..
hey guys thanks for all the replys been very helpful.

p-crystal i so feel for you having been through that, DS is no where near that bad, he has lots but its not all weeping at the moment. I hope your DS never has it that bad again.

My DD saw her pediatirian today and for her skin gave her a bag of samples aswell as a different kind of fatty cream. Inside the bag was a sample of the qv products so i have actually used those ones on my DS today, I first put it on about 6 hours ago then he went for a nap i was dreading to see the reaction but didnt notice any thank goodness so i gave him a bath an hour ago and put a small cap of the oil in there and then put more cream on him, he hasnt broken out again so far so fingers crossed the qv products might actually be ok with him, whether they get the dry skin and eczema under control for him i guess only time will tell but atleast he doesnt look like he had a burnt face and head which is what happend with the fatty cream from the doctors.

He is seeing his pediatricain on wednsday so Im going to ask to see a skin specialist at teh hospital which my plunket nurse also agrees with and ill ask about the advanteen as buing qv products will get very expensive the amount we will be going through so would be good if i can find something to get on a script that doesnt react with him as under 6's scripts and doctors are free in NZ.

All advice greatly received thank you so much hopefully with trial and error ill find the right thing for him soon
Maybe my case is different but at one point my baby had eczema everywhere and it looked awful - I was worried it felt awful for her too. I went to the Dr and he said just try cream it is infantile eczema ...... so try a few ones that I had on hand (and I had a few) - they did not do a thing. THEN I tried the Aveno cream recommended by paediatricians. Next morning I saw a huge difference. I bath my baby in Bod for Bubs Splish Splash and I alternate with some great baby lotions and creams for her massage afterwards...BUT if she shows a rash of any kind now - the Aveeno is my first choice. I am so impressed about it, I have not stopped bragging about how good it is to my mother friends.

My DD had eczema from about 6 weeks of age. Did a LOT of searching and investigating and trialling different things. The one thing that solved the problem (and I do mean solved - she no longer suffers from it at all unless she eats too many dairy products in a short space of time) was giving her probiotics. The one I used was called Flora Care for Kids and is made by Metagenics. You can get it through Natropath's and Dietician's. Where I live on the Gold Coast you can get it at the Good Price Pharmacys that have natropaths on staff - just tell them what the problem is - no need for an appointment.

I can't tell you how much of a godsend this product is! I urge all parents of kids who suffer, and the parents that suffer themselves to look into this!
mummymeg - i know this is a long time since you posted but my son reacted dreadfully ot weleda calendula oil it was an awful itchy blistering contact dermatitis. it came up within minutes of application. we stupidly retested a few weeks later and it happened again. same thing with trilogy lotions and ecostore lotions. the common factor is a natural fragrance called linolool. this is in nearly everything that is fragranced. often the ingredients list natural or essential oil fragrances. assume linolool unless manufacturer can specify otherwise. it is one of the commonest fragrances bc very cheap.
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