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Teething :S Lock Rss

I would have thought he was on the young side for teeth?? My DD is 5 months and I have been able to see the outlines of her two bottom teeth for a couple of months now but they have not come through.

Also my DD was sleeping reasonably well until about 3 months but is now terrible. They say they often change at 4 months as it is a huge developmental stage so it may not necessarily be teeth. However I am no expert so if your chn said he is teething she may be right.
Hey Coopee

Tried to reply to your posts earlier but huggies was playing up.

4 months is notorious for a change in sleep patterns, feeding which then effects his moods. Hopefully though he does calm down for you.

It could be his teeth, can you give him a cold wet washer to suck on?

GL wish they came with a manual. smile

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Hi I agree with the other girls that it is most likely a developmental stage and your bub is just becoming more aware of his surroundings and testing his Mummy!
Just try and go with it and I're sure he will settle down again soon for you...maybe also try increasing his awake time if he really isn't ready for sleep when you first start trying?

Also to purple unicorn, I got my 4 wisdom teeth when I was 18 and it absolutely hurt like hell!!
Hey Guys as per my information i think that teething is the process by which an little one's first teeth the deciduous teeth, often known as baby teeth or dairy products teeth sequentially appear by growing through the gum area. Teething may start as early as three several weeks or as delayed as a year. The first teeth generally appear between six and nine several weeks. It can take several years for all 20 teeth to complete the teeth eruption; they generally appear in couples.Thanks a lot!!
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