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Infant's Friend (for colic) dosage? Rss


I recently found Infan'ts Friend Colic syrup, but the instructions on the label aren't 100% clear.
It says to give a baby 10-20 that per dose or per day?
When do I give it to her...when she starts crying? at the start of the day?
I have been giving DD about 5 drops at a time throughout the day, and this seems to be working nicely, but was wondering if this is correct, as I don't want to overload her system or anything, lol.

Thanks, Jodie smile

Mum to Hailey (5.6.00) & Brooklyn (14.2.06)

Hi there,

I loved that stuff!! Made life bearable! lol

I took it as 10-20 drops per dose - but always found less was sufficent. I used to give it to DS just before a bottle, and just before bed.

Not usre if that's correct - but just what i thought. DS never seemed too bothered by it.


Jess - Deklan 2005, Gabrielle 2007 & Campbell 2009

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