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my 22 month old has cerebral palsy Lock Rss

my 22 month old son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy November 2012 and just last month I was told they don't think he will walk unaided however since then he can now sit, crawl , pull himself up (on lounge, coffee table ect) and hold things (lounge ect) and shuffle along side ways. pretty good for a child who only a month ago wasn't doing any of this and told he will need help to do so.... has anyone got any tips on games, different exercise (then physio gave me) to help him along???? or websites ect to help me find more info.????? PLEASE HELP im one of these mums who need to know everything possiable and any things I may to do to help him along....
Thanks in advance
hey ok so 22 months is nearly the same as 'DD1' she also has CP, have the put you incontact with CP health yet ? theywill arrange so many different things for him, one of 'DD1' Siblings has it as well she has what they call AFO which helps to strengthen the musscle in the lags and also a walking from she has had botox as well helps with musscle stregth. 'DD1' has been placed on the waiting list for botox as they can not do it till they are 2 but CP have provided her with a standing frame and a speacail stroller she has hand splits to open her hands and just been fitted for AFO's she is a bit worse than your little one but there is always ligth at the end of the tunnel as well swimming is great for them as well, I meet a day the other day at RCH that teaches kids with CP to swim she was lovely, there is so many things that they can do these days, PM if you want and can I ask where about in QLD are you?

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