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Reflux, Colic, or a fussy baby? Lock Rss

My little girl is 5 weeks old, and it being bottle fed breast milk. She is happy feeding then all of a sudden gets a sore tummy (what I think it is), goes bright red, sometimes throws herself back, wriggles around and ofcourse screams.

After a while it calms down then she's hungry, drinks like crazy and it happens again. I am winding her, and getting it all up. But she is hard to wind. Once she's fed, she sometimes falls asleep.. I get her to bed and often she wakes up hungry minutes later.

Does anyone have any tips or feedback? Not sure if it's normal or if there's an issue. First time mum here. Would really appreciate some help.
Sounds like wind to me. Perhaps try some Gripe Water, All 3 of my kids had this and it worked a treat smile
She is not sucking to much air through the bottle?? She possibly is not hungry when she wakes as when babies have wind there natural reaction is to suck to try and sooth it.

Little Miss's wrote:
wind can sometimes be mistaken as hunger. They show much the same signs as being hungry, they want to suck to relieve the pain. I would try and spend some more time burping her, during her feed and after.

Is she taking in a lot of air with the bottles? You can try some Infacol drops (not sure what the age limit is for them) and see if that helps.

Snap smile

My DS has reflux and gets a lot of wind. I am using Infants Friend as it was recommended to me by the nurse at our local baby clinic. You can give it in the bottle or separately. I have found this has really helped. It seems to also make it easier to get her to bring the wind up when she has fallen asleep during the feed.

Gripe water is also supposed to be really good.
Sounds a lot like reflux to me. I have 2 year old who was very refluxy when little and am dealing with a 4 month old who also suffers badly with reflux, wind, 'colic' and poor sleep. What I have discovered, and have recently had confirmed by a doctor is that my little one is Cows Milk Protein intolerant (not fully allergic). Basically, what this means is that she is receiving cows milk protein through my breast milk from dairy that I was consuming. She finds this hard to digest. This exacerbates reflux, causes a lot of wind and makes for a very unsettled bub. DD was on Losec (Omeprazole) for the reflux but this made her sick - stomach cramps and insomnia so she is now on Zantac. I was able to drop her down to Zantac by going completely dairy free, which includes all hidden dairy in foods. It's not a lot of fun, but the changes in baby make it completely worth while. The problem is if I choose to put bubs on formula, she can't have any that are cows milk based. It may be worth trying to go dairy free to see if there is a change and try to hold off on giving up on the breast milk. Also, I tried Infants Friend/Infacol etc and found they did absolutely nothing but give my bubs a runny tummy.
I have grappled with the same questions.

Do you have an oversupply of milk, or a very fast letdown by any chance?
I found the Dunstan Baby Language videos EXTREMELY useful for knowing what my baby was upset about and solutions for fixing it (eg demonstrations on gentle tummy massage). If you look on you tube you'll find lessons on the 5 main pre-cry sounds all babies make. I got so familiar with the 5 sounds that I can tell when my friend's baby is tired or hungry or needs to do a big nr 2. Hope this helps.
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