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Persisting nappy rash Lock Rss

Hi my almost 4month old son has had bad nappy rash for about the last 5weeks. The GP tried different creams which didn't work. We saw the paediatrician who put him on a 10day course of antibiotics & a stronger steroid cream. We've just completed this & although its looking better its still not completely gone!! We are also doing nappy off time, changing nappy every 2hrs etc. Has anyone experienced this before? I'm waiting on a call back from the paediatrician. Thanks smile
Have you tried changing the brands of nappies and wipes you're using? Sounds like it might be fungal but it wouldn't hurt to try..
My DD had a rash which hung around for months. I just could not get rid of it... Then I tried coconut oil at every nappy change. No more nappy rash! I also make my own wipes with coconut oil & essential oils.

Hi there, nothing worse than a nappy rash that just won't go away! Check out They make an amazing "bum balm" (all natural and organic ingredients) I use this and it still amazes me how quickly it clears up my bubbas nappy rash. Hope your little one gets better soon smile


Has your paediatrician considered a food allergy as babies allergic to dairy proteins can suffer from persistant nappy rash. If your baby is 100% breastfed your baby can still be getting any dairy products that you are consuming or if your bub is formula fed most formulas are made with dairy products.

All the best smile

If you use baby wipes could you try not using them for a while? We use muslin and water, and I've heard that chux cloths are good, you just rinse them and chuck them in the wash.
We usually use baby wipes when we are out and about, and I find if we use them too much I see the beginnings of nappy rash.

It could be a fungal rash? He may need anti fungal cream.....

Thanks for the suggestions, I'm willing to give anything a go. We did try an anti fungal cream with no success.

Soon to be 6. wrote:
I found curash and sudocream worked the best, as it was thicker and stayed on the skin even if my baby did lots of wees.

+ 1 to curash, we found it the best for keeping the damaged skin protected, along side cleaning it off and letting it have loads of fresh air in between nappies smile

Little Miss's wrote:
You could try treating from the inside. You can get kids/babies probiotics to help balance the bacteria in the gut. Especially good after antibiotics and for fungal issues.

I've heard this is good for eczema too which he also suffers from. How would you get a baby to take it. He is currently breasted.
+1 to all the suggestions of ditching the wipes. It may also be a reaction to the nappy. You could either change brands or try cloth. Also any bath stuff you are using could also be contributing. Hope you find the answer soon, poor little sausage. xxx
Desiting nappy rash cream! Works really well. It's a thick cream that stays on for ages! Works a charm.
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