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Little boy bits Lock Rss

Christian was in for his 6 month check and CHN discovered that she can only find one teste. She can feel the right one which is still high but can't locate the left. Im confused. She said for me to check him after a bath and see when he is stil warm to find if the right drops down, but honestly I have no idea what im looking for. And if it doesn't how long should i wait for and when should I visit the doctor about it? She did mention an operation may be on the cards if they don't drop.
If it hasn't dropped at 6 months, it probably isn't going to. My brother was born with only one testicle descended, and he had an operation before he was 1 I think it was, to have it brought down, and stitched in place into the scrotum. If she can't find it, it's probably not there, and I would take him to see your Dr and start the process of having it brought down. It's a pretty simple surgery, and they do it while they are still relatively young.

My brother is now 11, has had it all checked and it's still there stitched in place, but it is a little smaller. The paed is happy he is progressing through puberty properly. He just had to be more vigilant as an adult about checking for changes, as he is at higher risk for testicular cancer, and may have a bit of trouble once it comes to have kids.

Thanks ladies, first thing tomorrow. i'll book in to the doctors. The doctor that did his 6 month check was quite slack and didn't check his bits, only his vitals. It does worry me a bit but I guess i should just wait to hear what doc says before i worry over nothing.
One of my twins his were quite high when he was little but they both could come down. When they had the 4 year old check I was concerned that one was not down. The doctor took a look and then sent us for an ultrasound. For us the concern was that the tubes were not long enough for it to come down. Also my twins were prem and it is quite common with twins. We went and had the ultrasound done and they were both down. They still do go up and down as others have said depends on the temp. The doctor has told us that it should drop and stay dropped as he gets older but may not fully happen till he reaches a teenager. But not to worry about it and does not need surgery as it can come down. Hope that all makes sense.

Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

Definitely get it checked out by a doctor and even then keep an eye on it. We've had concerns about DS1's teste's since he was about two years old to the point where we have been taking him to the GP at least once a year because they didn't seem to be descended. Each time we were told that they were decsended and that they were probably just extra sensitive. We still weren't convinced because over the years his sac was slowly shrinking into nothingness. Then last month when I took DS2 in for his vaccinations I told the doctor about my concerns for DS1 and asked what my rights were about requesting further testing (ultrasound) for peace of mind because I was starting to worry about what impact the frequency of the Dr visits would have on him. That particular GP said that as his mother if I had concerns that something was wrong, espeicially having three boys, then it would certainly be something that should be investigated further. That afternoon after school I took DS1 back to the same Dr, he took one quick look and said he was pretty convinced I was right and gave us the referral for the ultrasound. Had the appointment the next morning and it turns out we were right all along. The GP was shocked and quite concerned that it hadn't been picked up earlier (given DS1 in now 5 and a half). So there may now be a greater risk of infertility for him in the future as well as cancer. To say I'm livid about the whole situation would be a bit of an understatement.

Sorry for the rant....but my point was even if the doctors think there is no cause for concern at the moment to keep an eye on it and if you do have concerns down the track then request an ultrasound so that you know for sure one way or another.

Booked in to see doc tomorrow and we shall see how we go.
Visited doc today and he found them straight away. It was that simple. He showed me exactly what to feel for and said it was perfectly ok to come and assuage my fears. So it just goes to show always get a second opinion if your not happy with the first! smile
Hi I'm having this same problem with my 6 month old. One teste has gone up then the other a couple days later. Have been to he dr who sent us for a ultrasound and now we have been referred to a specialist from Westmead. I would go to the dr just to make sure everything is ok.Code snippet: HTML, Used for some forums.
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