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ECZEMA why wont you go away ! Rss

hi all so as of May this year i have been battling my daughters eczema , in May this year she was hospitalised with infected eczema an ever since i can seem to get rid of it .
she only got eczema in May which is the strange part

Anywho i am not going back to the doctor as i want to find an alternative to steroid creams and fatty creams as she is not even 2 yet and i dont like using the steroid cream and the range of different ftty creams dont seem to work

I have tried Aveeno and that helped a lot more than the fatty creams but it is still quite bad , i was told about moo goo and want to give it a go but it is quite expensive so want to know if anyone uses it and how they find it ?

I am also currently giving her probiotics formulated for eczema which i guess it keeping it at bay as it is not getting worse so now i just need to find a cream to releive it and give her that nice soft skin back !!

I'm so sorry to hear your daughter is suffering with this, it's horrible to see isn't it?

Moo Goo wasn't around when my son had bad eczema, but I have heard many good things about it, and wish it was available years ago as I was desperate to try anything!

The best thing I used for DS was the QV bath oil, to help keep his skin moisturised.

Good luck...I hope it goes away soon.
Like others have said, it might be worth looking into foods that could be triggering/impacting. DS's eczema would flare up when he had orange juice and dairy products (he had an allergy to dairy that he's outgrowing and it doesn't seem to be impacting his ezcema as much any more thankfully). We couldn't work out why his eczema would flare up after a visit to his grandparents when they used the same bath wash etc that we used then one day realised they gave him orange juice while we always used apple juice at home. Tested giving him orange juice at home one day after we'd gotten the latest flare up under control and by the next day we had a flare up again. Tried it a few more times and every time he's had orange juice he has a flare up so definitely linked for him.

We use Nyal Eczema relief cream for DS (pretty sure the chemist suggested it to DH - our old chemist's son had eczema so we'd compare notes about possible treatments smile ). It's made a big improvement for DS and using it at the start of a flare up has meant we don't need to use the fatty ointment anywhere near as much any more. We've also got the QV bath wash and a QV shampoo that we use for bath times.

my daughters was always worse in warmer mnths, from bubble bath and our carpet! it really made it worse when she'd crawl around or bare skin was on it-so we ripped it up n got floor boards. She still gets an outbreak sometimes n the only thing I found good was a Calendular cream from the health food shop. was invented by a dad who's son had it super bad and he couldn't find anything that worked. it comes in a small glass jar, smells a bit and its a thin cream but goes far. $18. sorry cant recall the name of it . good luck
My son has spots of excema on his arms and legs, I tried qv cream and sudocream without much relief. I now use Lucas paw paw ointment which has improved it dramatically. Hope this helps.
My son developed Eczema somewhere around 2-3 months. After battling with creams with no success I found this excellent book called 'The Eczema diet' by Karen Fischer. It was first published last yr (2012). I highly recommend you get a copy. It not only covers food but other possible irritants for eczema sufferers.

For my Son, avoiding dairy, citrus, egg, tomato (high in natural msg), wheat and sugar has really helped. I also think he is sensitive to dust mites so I try to keep the house free of dust as much as possible and I wash the sheets regularly and dry them on highest setting in the dryer in hopes of killing them (I read that alternatively you could put the sheets in the freezer?).

For a cream I stumbled upon a natural organic one called 'Mum's Secret'. It is AMAZING! You can buy it online from I just checked the website and looks like you can get a free sample! I apply it almost every nappy change. As for the bath I dont use any soap and wash his hair separately.

Good Luck!!
I use the Moogoo products for myself and the body wash for DS ever since he was born so I can't really say whether that prevents eczema or not. Their eczema & psoriasis cream is great for dry skin so I would imagine that it might actually help. I just know that I wanted to use the least amount of skincare products on him as possible as I don't think that babies need all that junk on their sensitive skins. I don't find Moogoo to be expensive at all as you don't need to use very much.
On the other hand, a friend of mine has a DS who presented with eczema at around 14mths and she saw a naturopath who put them on a diet eliminating wheat, gluten & dairy and it totally cleared up the eczema within a few months. It is my belief that most skin problems have something to do with diet so maybe that's worth looking into?
Have used moo goo on ds1 and cleared him up brilliantly, ds3 has severe but can't use moo goo, I use oatmeal soap and cream on him, but cover him from head to toe in soft white (pure Vaseline) at night. If really bad he has wet wraps as well. His is definitely reactive to foods, but he does have food allergies too...

Leigha''s little men smile

My 7 month old is covered in eczema. Well, was before our latest visit to the gp lead us to buying a big tub of dermeze intensive ointment. It's been fantastic!! After trying sooo many different ointments, moisturisers & trying so hard to avoid steroid creams, dermeze has been a saviour for us! I'd highly recommend it.
I have also used Cetaphil on my baby and it worked well.
Thank you all for your reply , after a lot of you mentioned food allergies that made sense ( sometimes you get so caught you forget to take it all back and look at the simple cause ) my girl loves fruit and after some research on the net i found that kiwifruit and berries can flare up eczema and my girl eats a whole lot of kiwifruit so i cut it out and now after about 3 weeks her eczema is looking so much better , im going to be taking her to the doctors after her 2nd birthday on monday to see if there is any other things and we are going to get moo goo so will keep you posted on our progress smile will also try and upload some pics thanks heaps for all your advice !!
Found some organic product at Check it out, it could help you like it helped me.
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