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Do/did you take breastfeeding supplements?? Lock Rss

Just wondering as I stopped after I gave birth 3mths ago. I read online something about iodine being important when breastfeeding too and that I should be taking a supplement. I also just noticed DF changed our iodized salt to plain cooking salt months ago! Argh... why can't we just be informed about these things by docs/midwives??? I feel like I haven't been giving my bub the vitamins she needs now sad one is awake? tongue

My reply didnt come up... I will try again

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

Worked that time

I was just looking at them today! I was planning to wean since bub is 11 mths now and likes to bite. But I changed my mind after speaking to a friend.

My Dr is big on taking sups and vitamins. If i go to an appointment he will always ask if Im still taking vitamins. He likes the kids to take them too. DS loves his pro biotic choc ball and gummie vitamin soccer ball every morning. It cant hurt. we dont always get everything in our diets no matter how hard we try.

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

Maybe I should start up again. I was told by midwives in pregnancy that it was unnecessary after the 1st trimester but I wanted to keep taking them throughout pregnancy anyway. But after she arrived, I assumed I didn't need them anymore. It was never mentioned to take vitamins after pregnancy by anyone...kinda makes me cross. Hope I'm not iodine deficient!

Thanks for the reply Alli smile

I do on advice from my obstetrician. I take Elevit.

Folic acid is the one you can stop after the first trimester, iodine is recommended throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you aren't eating iodised salt, I would def take a supplement of iodine.

I eat fish once a week and have plenty of dairy but my milk is organic which apparently has less iodine...

Anyone know anything about thyroid meds and iodine? I have been on them through pregnancy and now breastfeeding (though reduced to 25mcg) so was wondering if that 'covers me' in regards to the iodine as my levels are checked every 6wks and appear fine.

I took my pregnancy / breastfeeding supplement throughout both pregnancy and breastfeeding and continued this till I stopped. (2 children) I felt that even if I did eat a balanced diet if I was missing something I would be getting it here for my bubs smile
I don't take any supplements.... Except magnesium when I'm having issues with sleep which is usually associated with my hormones and periods.
I also don't eat iodised salt... It's too processed. I eat Himalayan rock salt.
I eat a very balanced diet, I don't believe I need any supplements.
I make my own nori rolls once a week... Full of iodine smile
Most supplements and vitamins will just give you expensive fluro wee. Invest the money in better nutrition smile

I am kitty wink

I am not taking any vitamins now, I took the blackmores pregnancy ones for most of my pregnancy but just couldn't wait to get off those constipating horse pills. I will admit I didn't actually consider needing a supplement for breastfeeding :/
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