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Diarrhea in 8 week old. Is it intolerance? Rss

I have had my 8 week old on Karicare gold formula. She has always had watery poo. She's only had the 'ice cream sundae' poo once when she was about a week old, after that always watery.

I thought it was all the potions I was using for the colic, I stopped all of those and still watery. It's still the yellow colour, just always watery.

Could it be an intolerance/allergy to the milk? My first had to be put on Karicare AR because she had silent reflux, the second had Karicare gold and I didn't have a problem with her at all.

If anyone has any insight it would be appreciated. She's at the doc this week anyway for her 2mth needle, but just wanted to see what others did in this situation.

My DD had diarrhea and vomiting constantly until we found the right formula. I think we tried about 6 different formulas before we found the right one. Even formula the doctor suggested didn't help her
How many times a day is the watery poo? Diarrhea is usually an indication of lactose intolerance although there is usually other symptoms like lots of wind and tummy pain.Does she have any other symptoms besides the watery poo? You did mention you were giving her something for Colic. She may have trouble digesting the Karicare Gold. Have you thought of switching to Karicare Allerpro? It's the most broken down formula besides the prescription ones. Might be worth a try.
check with the dr for sure. If they think it could be a lactose intolerance you send in a poo sample and that will either confirm or rule it out for you. When my bub had his temporary spurt of lactose intolerance he was doing runny poos about 6 times a day for a week before I switched to a de-lact formula. My regular gp was away at the time and I took my bub to a different gp and he didnt mention lactose intolerance once, I didnt think that could be an option til the next day, dodgy gp just said its probably a bug and just wait and see sad not long after that appointment I had a light bulb moment and thought about lactose intolerance and I saw a midwife and she thought the same thing right away just because of the amount of runny poos and how long it was going on for and I changed to de-lact that day and sent off a poo sample to confirm thats what it was. Just note that if you change to de-lact before you send off a poo sample you wont get an accurate result as they need to be consuming lactose for the poo to tell you the right result, but at the same time if your bub stops runny poos while using de-lact formula I guess thats an answer for you anyway. Could be a number of things i suppose but def see your dr and ask about lactose intolerance, and prob try to get in to see a midwife in the meantime if your app isnt for a few days.
Thanks for the replies. She only poo's once a day rarely skips a day but does get a sore hard gut more than my other 2 ever did. Is the karicare allerpro pretty much the same as normal formula? Just part of the digestion/breaking down process is done for them (in a way)?

How long did you change formula for? Will I need to keep her on it until she's 1 or can I change back? What happens when I try to give her normal milk down the line?

I have never had an intolerance or allergy to anything so this is all new info for me.
It's a good indication that her digestive system is working pretty well if she is pooing once a day. I agree with @littlecheekybums about having her poo tested for lactose intolerance as it may be just the lactose she is having trouble digesting. At least then you will have an idea if that's what's causing it.
It does sound like its only mild until her digestive system matures a little more.
As for the formula's, It's the milk proteins in the Karicare Allerpro which are broken down to make it easier to digest. It still contains lactose but a reduced amount and is 100% whey and no casein( the 2 main proteins in cows milk). A bit more expensive than the other formulas though.The Karicare Gold is 60% whey & 40% Casein so that's the other thing she may be having trouble with digesting. I guess it's a good thing that she will be having her needles so that you get a chance to speak with the Dr and get their reccommendation. Hopefully you will find the right formula soon that agrees with Bub smile
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