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Skin issues - dry and red patches Lock Rss

So my wee man in the last month or so has had trouble with a dribble rash that at one point got a thrush infection in it. We went to doctors and he has given us some hydrocortisone cream it was just on his chin but now has appeared on his neck back and creases of arms and legs and but. It is nowhere near as bad on these other places though and the hydrocortisone cream helps but I don't want to be using this all the time. Anyone have any tips for this or something good to use on it. I'm also bathing him every night as part of his bedtime routine but am wondering if this could be making it worse.
From a worried first time mum sad
My son gets small amounts of ezcema and heat rash, I have found that bathing him only every second night has made his skin a lot better. When his ezcema flairs up I use a mix I have made up of caledula cream, pawpaw ointment and some vitamin E oil which has worked wonders. I also switched a lot of his soaps around and he is currently using goats milk in his bath.
Do you put that in the bath or just straight onto the skin?
Mo0 wrote:
Do you put that in the bath or just straight onto the skin?

The caledula mix I put a thin layer on the skin. I also sometimes use it as a nappy cream as well esp when he had the "runs"for two weeks and ended up with a red and blistered bum. The pawpaw ointment I get is the natural one from the chemist, which they say you can eat if you want. I was like you and didn't want to keep using coritsone cream for ages. It took me awhile to find out the soaps that suited him as well and I always just put a small amount of the goats milk soap in his bath. I always remember as well to moisturise after every bath, weather its just some goats milk lotion or the caledula mix. If your son has started solids it also can be a big help to look at some of the things that may trigger eczema, for my son it is wheat (ie he can't tolerate more than one piece of bread a day). Hope this has helped eczema and rashes are so hard sometimes, what works for one may not work for another.
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