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Reflux ; Gaviscon, Zantac, Losec, etc, etc! Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,
Couldn't find any recent posts with this topic but there were a few from awhile back that were interesting, but just thought I'd put it out there and see if anyone has any experience/advice/ideas?
My DS#2 is now 5mths and after trying many, many things and not being 100% that it was just reflux I have been to the doctors and was prescibed Zantac. I've heard about Losec but apparently that is only registered for 12mths +. My doctor wasn't too keen to prescibe it for DS today. I am mix feeding and heard that Karicare is a good one for reflux (doctor said few weeks ago). Using gaviscon, have raised the cot mattress, trying to keep him upright for awhile after a feed, infacol, gripe water, etc, etc. Poor little bugger hardly sleeps which means neither do I (or DH or DS#1). So tired!! Please help. smile
We were prescribed losec at about 8 weeks old.
It didn't work for us as ds didn't have reflux but instead was lip and tongue tied which can have similar symptoms to reflux.
check out the pictures on this site (just has good pictures) and may be worth you checking smile

Both my dd's had losec for reflux. Dd1 was 5 months and dd2 was a few weeks old. It worked for them both. Once they started sitting up the reflux improved. They stopped using losec once they turned 12months old.

My son was prescribed Zantac at about 4-5 months. Gaviscon worked great at first but I think he's body got used to it and it stopped working. Zantac worked well for him. It didn't make him 100% but it did help him at night and he went from 5+ wake ups to 2 a night until he was about 9 months them everything seemed to settle down and he started sleeping through and we stopped Zantac.

I just want to add that I really feel for you because I can remember how bad it was to have a baby who didn't sleep. And everything seems worse in the middle of the night.

We used S26 Reflux which was the most successful. We were also prescribed Losec somewhere around 4-6 months but it made no difference and I wasn't keen on using it. We also tried essentially every reflux natural or other treatment without success.
Thanks ladies.
Wageha - Yes, have had a bub in my mums group that was tongue tied but ruled this out for my DS. Definately attaching and feeding. Thanx tho.
Great to hear all your experiences. I find it strange that the professionals say reflux usually subsides by 12mths old but the Losec is only registered from 12mths up?! I think if the Zantac doesn't help then we will have to find a doctor who will prescribe it as my usual GP who I love and saw thru both my pregnancies, was not keen. Thru my internet research it seems a lot of infants have been prescribed it with great results. Of course I was not keen on using any meds but after 5mths I finally give in!
Thankyou Liss06, it does seem worse in middle of the night and I just have to remind myself how lucky I am to have two beautiful, healthy boys as it could be a lot worse.
My DS1 was a very spewy baby but it didn't bother him the slightest. He was such a good baby, never cried, always slept and now we have the complete opposite with DS2. Woulda put him up for adoption by now if he wasn't so damn cute! tongue Thanks again all.
My son was prescribed Somac from 3 months old and it worked wonders for us. He went from only sleeping for 20 mins to over an hour within 24 hours. I wasn't keen on using medication when he was so young but I had no choice as he refused to eat at all. I was told by another dr as well that my son couldn't have reflux as he looked like he was putting on weight, but I didn't give up and was determined to get some answers. My son also has lactose intolerance and I mix fed from 6 months with karicare goats milk which seemed to settle him down and stop him spewing as much. Reflux is so hard as each baby is different, but also try him on different formulas as well to see which is right for him. Good luck
My son was also on Losec from about 8 weeks and went off it at about 8-9 months, once he started on more solid food. I think it's odd your GP won't prescribe it when it's definitely been used by heaps of others for their kids! Perhaps ask your pediatrician or even go back to your obstetrican?

Losec definitely worked for was a godsend.
So last night's 3am feed went smoothly and got DS2 back to sleep fairly easy. Then after a pram walk this morn he slept for an hour and half (in the capsule which was clicked into pram), then had a small half hr nap in arvo in cot with raised mattress, then I took him for a drive about 7.30pm (in capsule again) to get him to sleep, came home and brought the capsule inside and 4hrs later he is still sleeping!

Used the Zantac y'day 2.5ml morn and nite and same today, along with Gaviscon in the Karicare formula and the odd breast feed. So wondering if this has worked so quickly or he's just having a good day? It is a bit cooler today as we have had some really hot days/nights which weren't good for settling him. Time will only tell!

Avareal - I will keep the Karicare Goats Formula in mind too! Yes, my DS was always putting on weight too, the doctors should know that sometimes that happens and maybe they have silent reflux. I will look into Somac, maybe just a different trade name for the same thing as Losec. smile

Pinal - My sister-in-laws friend was the one to suggest Losec and can give me her GP's number if Zantac doesn't work or yes I will get referral from my GP to see Paed, good thinking! smile
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