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Cleaning Toys Soft and Hard?! Lock Rss

I'm in need of finding a really good disinfectant that is safe to use on my boys toys because a mouse has been into his toy box and I will not give him those toys until they are disinfected. I was thinking pine o clean spray for the soft toys and dettol wipes for his hard toys. Help please?!
Oh no! I just use vinegar on DD's toys to keep it natural. BUT, if I knew a mouse had been playing with her toys, I reckon I'd use something stronger. Can you run the soft toys through the wash? I'd use Dettol wipes or antibacterial dish liquid on the hard toys and then rinse or wipe them off with just water. I wouldn't use Pine o' Clean on the soft toys - they would absorb it and he'd ingest it if he chewed on the toys.

Oh forgot to add some soft and hard toys are battery operated and have wires inside them.
Stacey_Bousfield wrote:
Oh forgot to add some soft and hard toys are battery operated and have wires inside them.

Don't immerse them in water then (obviously)! I'd give the hard ones a wipe over with the Dettol wipes you have and then wipe the Dettol off with a clean, wet rag. The soft toys are trickier. If they're toys he puts in his mouth, I'd just spray them with a white vinegar solution and scrub them down a bit.

Often, instructions for cleaning stuffed animals are found on the sewn-on label. Typically they include spot cleaning with water and baby shampoo or mild detergent, and allowing to air dry. If you want to sanitize your child’s favorite teddy, put the bear in a tied-up pillowcase in the dryer on high for about 15 minutes.Dolls
For Barbie dolls and others with plastic body parts (such as baby dolls with soft bodies), dab benzoyl peroxide on any ink or stains on the plastic, and leave in the sun for a few hours (covering unaffected areas so as not to bleach them out). Nail polish remover also may work on ink marks. For dolls with soft bodies, clean the soft parts as you would a stuffed animal, but do not put the doll in the dryer; air dry instead.

Sticky doll hair can be tricky, but typically, washing it with a capful of baby shampoo mixed with water can help retain the doll’s lush tresses.
You can clean toys with wipes and washable toys wash with dettol. Some toys are not washable because of battery operated.
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