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Eczema flare up on his cheeks Lock Rss

DS is 4 months, from 3 weeks he got really bad eczema on his cheeks which lasted till our local nurse suggested bathing him and moisturising him in emulsifying ointment. It worked really well. Unfortunately he still gets flare ups on his cheeks so had to use Batroban to clear the infection, Hydrocortisone 1% to relieve the flare up. Then it came back even worse that he cries so bad when I've cleaned his cheeks. Now we're seeing a specialist who says the emulsifying ointment will be drying his skin so to use DP HS1% lotion (moisturiser with hydrocortisone) once a day and his face eumovate. But he gets so itchy what can I do?
Eczema is awful- ive had it shocking this year and my ds gets it on his cheeks too sad I've never used anything on his but Sorbolene cream (often- especially if going out in the wind\sun) and thankfully that looks after his. Maybe just keep it super moisturised and eliminate some foods if you notice the flare up is worse after he eats them. My eczema improves when I cut back on milk. Oops just realised he is 4 months- if he is on formula maybe look for a lactose free one (someone else hopefully will give advice on this area as I don't have much of an idea there lol) or if you're bf'ing maybe you could try eliminating certain foods and see if that helps?

Obviously I'm not a medical expert or anything but wanted to try and help cos I know how frustrating eczema is sad

My dd3 is 4 1/2 months and the last couple of weeks has developed 2 dry patches on her face, one is next to her left eye and the other is next to her right ear...both spots that she likes to rub her face when she is tired and/or feeding....I'm using an emu oil moisturiser on hers and it seems to work until she rubs it again. So it's a matter of keeping it moisturised and keeping her little hands off her face for us.
Dd1 who is almost 7 also gets dry skin mainly through winter on her cheeks and lips, and I've used the chemist creams which clear it up but I've found the emu oil moisturiser is really good for her to keep it moisturised. I guess it's a little trial and error of moisturisers/creams until you find one that suits your little one!
Try Moogoo!
Their eczema cream really does work. DD had a few dry patches under her knee and on her arm a while back and we managed to clear it up with moogoo.
Also as others have said, it could be a reaction to something in your diet (if you're BF)
Baby's eczema got so bad that his father and I went to a homeopath not long after visiting the dermatologist. My sons skin had got so inflamed and thick, even after I restarted applying his ointments it was difficult to reverse the damage already done. It was great cause the homeopath explained what eczema was and what the steroids were doing. Explained why after the steroids cleared the eczema it then came back worse then ever. But the notions of both professions can't be wrong. So after knowing what allergies we have, lactose and soy intolerant, i watch what i eat. I still apply steroids to calm the eczema/itch and then I apply the homeopaths cream 10-20 mins later. It keeps the infections away and heals the skin. I then apply emulsifying ointment to keep his skin soft. His skin is looking real good now, still patches but they are going. Still room to improve.
I'm still learning what kinds of things set off my eczema flares but foderma serum has worked great for me! I have issues mainly on my hands. I've been using foderma serum for about a month now (the bottle states "clear skin in 12 weeks") and my hands ALMOST look normal. I love that it's all natural but I do wish it smelled a little different.
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