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Baby has bad wind = No sleep! Lock Rss

Hi all,

First time mum smile

My bub is almost 3 months old and suffers from terrible wind pains. He is constantly unsettled and in pain. His sleep is broken because he is woken by pains and soothing and resettling is really difficult.

The worst part is when I'm BF he passes wind and then loses interest in his feeds! Some feeding sessions take over an hour then by the time he settles he's almost due for his next feed. I worry he's not getting enough sleep sad

I've tried and am using infacol and gripe water. He hates the taste of gripe water and I can't say whether the infacol really helps.

Any advice would be much appreciated smile
Are you sure its wind thats got him unsettled? Has he seen a chiropractor or osteopath?

Pretty sure based on the fact that once he passes wind (lots of loud farting!!!) he tends to settle.

No, haven't considered that.
Ok no worries, my bub had a lot of wind to start with too, I took her to my chiro when I went when she was 3 or so weeks and he made a slight alignment on her too and she doesn't have any build up at all now, she stops drinking, I sit her up and with in the minute she either farts or burbs once and thats it

Have you checked for lip and tongue tie? Our DS had it, but we didn't realise until about 9 weeks, and he suffered awfully with wind, but once we had the ties lasered his feeding improved massively, as it was taking so long to feed as he kept loosing the latch and taking in more wind, and within a week he was like a different baby.
If you search in google images you should be able to see what you are looking for, the lip tie is really easy to spot, but tongue ties are harder as they can have them at the back which is hard to see.
A lactation consultant picked our sons up, but it was the 2nd lactation consultant we had seen - the first one was rubbish. Have you seen a lactation consultant, or you may find it helpful to call you local ABA (Australian Breastfeeding Association) I think they are similar to LLL (La Leche League) we have here, and they were really helpful with us.
I hope things get better, I know how tough it is to find breast feeding so hard, and when it takes sooo long - I had got to the stage I would dread feeds, but once we were sorted we were all so much happier! smile

My 7 week old also has really bad wind. My GP has referred us to get his slight tongue tie snipped and that might help. Can you tell if he can push his tongue out past his front teeth? If not he has a tongue tie but your GP or CHN should have checked for that at his 6 week check up.
I don't know how long our referral is going to take so I'm also thinking about starting an elimination diet starting with dairy.

I'm almost sure he has an upper lip tie. His tongue definitely protrudes right out of his mouth. Neither of these were checked at his 6 week check up sad

I'm thinking I'll get my gp to have another look but worried I'm turning into one of those mums who thinks my baby has every ailment! I wonder if it's worth seeing a paediatrician...

Haven't seen a lactation consultant.

I might lay off the gripe water for now. Infacol seems to be helping so maybe that's enough until I see my gp again.
Mabey try grip water used this on my daughter and was amazing for hiccups and wind problems x
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