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Whooping cough vaccinations Lock Rss

My husband and I are expecting our first child and currently living with my mum and her partner, as none of us can afford a place of our own. Recently the topic came up about whooping cough vaccinations, with 9 weeks to go my gp suggested that now is the perfect time for me to receive my injection and anyone else living in the home should consider doing the same. Hubby and his family are all immunised against whooping cough, however when we asked my mum about getting hers she was reluctant to even consider the option, she almost seemed insulted by the request. After hearing about the family in Perth who lost their 4 week old to whooping cough, hubby and I agree that taking the chance comes at too great a price and we can not risk our baby's health or , ultimately, her life. We have now been accused of emotional blackmail. I understand that everyone has the right to make their own choices and if she doesn't want to immunise we can not make her. Are we being too unfair by saying that we will not put our baby at risk and therefore will be staying with hubby's family until our baby is immunised? I am interested to know if anyone else has been through, or is going through, the same situation and what any other opinions/suggestions out there are. Thanks
Not unfair at all, your only putting your child first and they should respect that

No I agree. When I had my kids all close family had to be immunised or don't bother visiting. We even had close friends offer to get immunised and we said yes thanks. For us it was a must when we had the twins as they were prem the Doctors and hospital told us to keep them away from people not immunised.

At the end of the day. Your baby your choice. You need to do what you think is best for you and your baby.

Good luck.

We insisted that ALL immediately family got the booster. There was no way we were risking DS life. Also as our parents get older they can become more at risk. Adults can have whooping cough and not know and think it's just a cold but bub will get it full blown.

Basically no shot no visit. Yes hard line and emotional blackmail but really how hard is it to get a needle
Thanks for the reassurances smile I was starting to second guess myself and feeling like maybe I was being irrational
I was so afraid of my last child getting whooping cough - even though all family are immunised - that I didn't even take her out of the house unless her pram was completely covered with a blanket until she had her first shot. But what I didn't know was that the immunisation only lasts about 5 years now because in trying to make them with less side effects they also made them less effective. So, my eldest daughter caught it from somewhere - probably school - when my wee one was 10 weeks old. Fortunately we got everyone else onto antibiotics early and no-one else caught it. So, keep that in mind when considering who is immunised. My older children have all had boosters now and I had another one also.
We too our expecting our first (twins!) and share a house with my parents. I had to see my GP early in the pregnancy due to a whooping cough scare (my boss tested positive ).
Fortunately I didn't contract it at the time but was very specifically warned by him that everyone in the household would need a booster in my last trimester.. For my DH and my parents it was a no brainer and they are happy to get it done. I think (dare I say it) that your mother/partner are being selfish not getting it done..
We too will have the rule that anyone who wishes to visit or see the babies will need to have the booster. (No booster- no visit)
Thanks for the advice ddon I never even thought of that.
Wow twins that's so exciting congrats! I do feel like they are being a bit selfish especially by making us feel bad for trying to keep our baby safe. I really thought my mum wouldn't hesitate I was so shocked when she said she wouldn't do it. We tried explaining to her that just because she's never had it doesn't mean she'll never have it and may be a carrier with no symptoms, plus she works in a supermarket so she would be constantly exposed to all sorts of people and their germs :/
I have requested the same thing for all of our family members & any friends that wish to visit. we have had alot of support for our descision but I am wondering who will still come visit without that vaccine. I think its sad that your MIL is not wanting to protect her little tiny grandchild at such a insecure time, I hope that she can come around. Maybe see if she can go to a dr's visit with you & bring up the topic.
If I were in the same situation I would give the exact same option to my family. My baby's health and wellbeing comes first and foremost. I fail to see how it is emotional blackmail because the ball is firmly in her court and she has a choice. She just needs to decide what her priorities are. You've got yours, stick to your guns mumma xxx
You can ask your mother to be immunised, but you can neither make her nor even expect her to do so. However, I do understand your concern about your little one. So, looking for some other housing arangements would be your option perhaps.
I have an 6 week old and I expected ALL my close family and my partners to be vaccinated, and they had no problem getting it done. That is your child's health at risk and you have every right to expect anyone who comes in contact or wants to visit with your child to have it done. No needle, no visits.
It's your job as a mother to protect that child, that's how you start.

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