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Hi im new to this n was wondering if anyone has had there baby go thro an open reduction and a spica cast ?my daughter is having one this week n im soo scared sad
My DD had hip dysplasia but she we did not need the spica cast. She was in the pavlik harness for two months. So my advice probably won't help. It can be a tough time. Just take all the advice that you get and then try a few things at home and do what works for you. What works for other people may not work for you. I do know that it is very important to keep the cast dry but at times that can be difficult.

Just try to remember that it will be tough but it will be over and fixed before you know it.

Good luck.

Hi, I haven't been thru it as a mum but have looked after quite a few kids that have had it done. How old is your wee girl?
The biggest thing the kids (young toddlers) seem to get frustrated with is not being able to move around and keeping them entertained in bed. The biggest thing the parents face is seeing their baby unhappy and stuck in one place and wanting them to just get on with being pain free and recover from it the sooner the better
Take a wee collection of new interesting toys (second hand is fine!). Download interactive books / things off you tube onto your iPad if you have one or phone that she can hold (not sure how old she is tho!?). Bubbles to blow. Books to read.
Initially they have an epidural or morphine infusion to help keep them comfortable. And are repositioned in bed every couple of hours to help prevent any pressure areas developing. The will check the circulation in her feet and check in around and behind the spica to make sure it's comfortable and not digging in anywhere. When she initially wakes up in recovery and they call you in just be aware she may be hysterical (often parents panic if not warned by this - we consider it "normal" tho" - not necessarily because she's in pain or feels sick but it's often just how kids wake up. And it can take a while for them to settle down depending how sleepy they are.
The nurse will "sleek" we call it here glossy tape around the raw edges of the plaster around the nappy opening area to help with keeping the area clean from wee and poo. They will show you how to "double nap" the nappies, cut the wings off a smaller one tucking it inside the spica cast then putting a much bigger nappy over top to help prevent leakage onto the cast
You'll see an occupational therapist who should help sort you out with any equipment you will need at home to help make day to day living easier.
There is a company in the UK who was making clothes specifically for spices, they should come up if you google it or perhaps a place in Oz does the same, or just make do with long dresses etc till it's off.
Not to sure if that was the kind of info you were after... Although it's going to be challenging for you guys during the hospital stay and while the spicas on its ultimately for a positive outcome for your daughter, keep telling yourself it's for the long term gain . Best of luck, I hope she has a speedy recovery and you manage to get some sleep while there smile
Thank you for your advice. My daughter is 15 months old but only 11 n half corrected as she was micro prem . Shes not crawling or sitting cause of her hips so the fact she wont b mobile wont b any different. The reason its taken them a year to do the op is cause shes just come off home o2 . Im just so nervous cause we spent a long 3 n half months in nicu n she just cant get a break sad
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