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Baby can't poop Lock Rss

Hi Mums,
My LO is 11 months old, she did not poop for 3 days that's why we decided to to give suppository last Sunday----- then she pooped a little.

Yesterday she didn't poop again. My lo's food mostly are fruits like mango and banana, oats, pork. I still breastfeed her. Anyone here have the same experience?


Hi there smile

Is she upset about it at all? Of not it can be quite normal for bubs to not poop every day. Infants friends is good if she is upset and constipated, it can be bought just from the chemist over the counter it is made of all natural ingredients. If shes happy though I wouldnt be worried I have 2 children my first is a girl and I found she didnt number 2 anywhere near as much as my son does he goes everyday at least once...sometimes she would go up to a week without as long as she is comfortable itight just be her cycle smile hope this helps and good luck smile
Oh and sorry.....also as she is 11months they often start pooping less aswell
Oh thanks mum. I thought it should be everyday.

She's comfortable and I can't see any problem on her.


My DD was like this from newborn until a few months ago (she's now 19 months and was breastfed). Some babies just don't need to go every day and unless it seems to bother them you don't really need to do anything. I would not be giving a suppository, but instead some diluted prune or pear juice if you think she needs some help.
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