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Help & advice needed for unsettled bub with tummy probs Lock Rss

I'm just wanting to get some help and or advice from anyone who's been through a similar situation with their bubs. My second baby is 4 months & ever since he was born he's been your stereotypical 'colicky' baby. Lots of screaming & fussing & wanting to be held constantly. Now 4.5 m/o while he's not crying as much as he was & is definitely a happier baby than he was he still has an issue with his tummy which causes him grief. He is constantly (and I mean all day long) squirming & wriggling & arching & pushing his hips up & down. He used to make straining & grunting noises but now just wriggles around & then starts crying with what I think is frustration. Just about every feed starts out fine & within seconds he's wriggling around & squeezing then pulls away screaming. Sometimes he'l be happy then let out a piercing scream. He is fully formula fed from 4 months & his poos are often quite green & smelly. I know it can take a while for their bodies to develop but is this normal at 4 months? I thought he would have grown out of it by now. We have never been able to sleep him on his back. It really disrupts his sleep & I get so upset seeing him so distressed & uncomfortable all the time! Docs just think its developmental but interested to see if anyone else has had a bub like this?
I am sympathising with you because upset tummys make it so hard to enjoy your baby. They are miserable and so of course you are also miserable. All of my babies were intolerant to milk protein, so as they were breastfed I had to totally and completely cut dairy from my diet. I don't know what your baby's problem is but it's obviously something that is in the milk and it won't get better on its own although often it improves a little in time as they get older. Green smelly poos are not normal in a baby. They happen for sure, but they are a sign that something isn't agreeing with them. I can't give you advice other than to say a chat to your doctor or a nurse that can advise you on different types of formula to try is what I would do. Good luck.
It does sound like it could be a reaction to cows milk protein which is found in all formulas, apparently goat formula is meant to be the most "gentle" one you can buy off the shelf unless you move to a complete hydrolysed formula such as Neocate which is prescription only from a pediatrician.
If your not happy with your GP and they are dismissing your concerns perhaps find someone that will take you seriously. You know your baby best and what he's experiencing isn't "normal" especially as he's your second. If your GP won't refer you you could always self refer and go private and perhaps looking at intolerance testing.
Sometimes people find that seeing a cranial osteopath or a cranial sacral therapist is a great complementary therapy to help unblock / release any problem areas that may also be causing discomfort.

Is your bub formula or breastfed?

Wouldn't have a clue about formula as never used it but my first thought would be try soy formula.

My bub was a bit like this (breastfeeding) although not quite as bad. Turned out because he was colicky he never wanted to feed enough to be full. So he had small amounts of milk frequently then wanted to stop as he'd scream. Because he was drinking milk so frequently he was always getting foremilk and never hindmilk (which caused the green poos). As soon as I started block feeding (where you allocate one breast for a certain duration before swapping) he started getting hindmilk and it solved the problem almost immediately. Not sure if that's the case for you but thought worth putting it out there in case it helps
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