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17 weeks but don't feel pregnant anymore Rss

I know this sounds really weird but in the last few days I have stopped feeling pregnant. I can't put my finger on what it is. This is my 2nd baby and this time around I have an anterior placenta so haven't felt any movement yet. Has anyone else had this feeling before?
I remember in my last pregnancy I didn't feel pregnant at all around 15-20 weeks. The morning sickness and tiredness had gone, the kicking hadn't started and I didn't look too pregnant (just like I'd eaten too much over the winter!).

With an anterior placenta often people feel kicking later and 17 weeks is still completely normal not to feel anything.

If you're worried go get your midwife or GP to check the heart beat so you can hear it. I'd just enjoy it while it lasts as soon you'll be feeling very pregnant!
I have a scan and obstetrician appointment in 2 weeks so until then I will just try to chill and enjoy it while it lasts!
Thanks for your reply! smile
It happens generally when your first trimester is completed and you started second trimester you may lose these symptoms and not 'feel pregnant' in the same way which is felt in the first trimester. Your baby will be provided for now and will continue to grow without too much fuss at this stage. If you have any doubt or you feel concerned about your baby and your pregnancy symptoms disappearing and want the reassurance that baby is developing as expected at this stage, it's better to consult with doctor go for another scan. Then you will feel better. You are right in your situation no one will take risk at this stage. So go for another scan and confirm or assure about your pregnancy.
Hi, I am 20 weeks pregnant and have not felt any movement which everyone keeps telling me I should by now. I had 20 week scan yesterday and found out I have anterior placenta as well and that it is the reason I haven't felt movement but there is a very active baby in there as I saw on the screen at the scan. I feel like I a missing out.
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