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Hi all , the hip check that your baby has in hospital is for hip dysplasia. A developmental disorder of the hip. If it is picked up they will send your baby for a ultrasound generally at 6 weeks or sooner if concerned.

Hip dysplasia can be caused by family history, breech position, firstborn,being female and having legs tightly swaddled.

Signs of hip dysplasia are uneven buttock creases, a hip click, Limited range of movement. A limp or leg length discrepancy .

My baby was diagnosed at 2 hours old and I think it's so important to be aware that newborns/babies should not be tightly swaddled!!!!!!! their legs should be allowed to fall in a frog like position when being swaddled, carried in a baby carrier or in car seat/capsule. The sooner a baby is diagnosed the better as treatment will be shorter and less invasive.

Please google healthy hip position images well worth it.
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