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Any advice out there in regards to Vicks vapour machines? They are quite expensive but I need to help my wee son out every morning he wakes with dried crusty and can't latch properly because he can barely breath. My husband believes it's the wooden house we live in, no moisture around
Sorry couldn't quite work out from your post what you meant. Is it a dry crusty nose he has making it hard to breathe?

Personally I've found with my two kids that saline drops or a small squirt of breastmilk in the nose works best. I usually find within a few minutes they sneeze and clear out whatever was blocking the nose. If that doesn't solve the problem I then use a "snot sucker" (not sure their proper name). You can get them from the pharmacy along with saline drops (I use Fess little noses but there's heaps of brands I think).

I've not used a vaporiser so far. I was worried about having hot water around and also making the walls get damp/mouldy. I nearly bought one when my son was a baby as he used to get croup but our doctor said there wasn't much evidence that they did anything.
Yes that is what I meant sorry been long night with the wee man!

I'll certainly try those methods first as $100 for the machine is pretty pricey.

So question, do I squirt the breast milk up his wee nose?

Ya so with my son I literally just squirted a few drops up his nose. I only do one side at a time. It's a bit tricky and they usually end up covered in milk hence why I now with my daughter (4months) just use the saline drops.

Hope that helps.
I did it this morning and yes it helped I will be heading to the pharmacy on payday

Thanks so much for your advice. It's amazing what support can be out there once ya reach out especially been a first time mummy sometimes I think I over panic lol

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