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Just wanted to know if anyone can recommend a probiotic for a 2.5 year old? Thanks
Good afternoon. Why no one has yet answered your question. Now this topic interests many. A lot of children eat a lot of plodo and have problems with digestion.
Doctors and natural healers can recommend probiotics, which are useful bacteria that promote intestinal health, preventing the growth of pathogens, for the treatment of various conditions, including diarrhea in children. Lactobacillus acidophilus - a tongue-twisting phrase, usually abbreviated as L. acidophilus - is a common probiotic that exists naturally in some yoghurts, as well as in miso and tempeh; it is also sold as a supplement. Although the results are ambiguous, some clinical data support the use of acidophilus in the treatment of intestinal disorders. Consult your child's doctor before giving acidophilus. Do the necessary tests. Eliminate a bad diagnosis. I think these pills can have a bad effect. Use only on the advice of a doctor. Good luck.
I've used probiotics for my kids and had some benefit with them. I looked for probiotics with lactobacillius and bifido strains in them and then tried out small amounts of different brands until I found one that worked. Here is a probiotic supplement review that might have some discussion of use in children. I would run it by your kid's doc also!

Very interesting!!
Thanks for the replies. Have decided on the lifespace probiotics
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