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Smoking HELP!!! Lock Rss

Hello, i'm just writing as i have been smoking all of my pregnancy and i'm now 29 weeks and want to give up. I have gone from 9am this morning to 14:26 so far and i haven't had one cigarette at all and not been wanting one. I have been using Nicotine Replacement Therapy(Patches and chewing gum) but i just wanted some advice on if this is going to make my baby withdrawn from the chemicals from a cigarette and make him poorly? Please no hateful comments. I just want advice and want to do whats best for my baby. Thank you.
I smoked all through my pregnancy (20-25 a day) and have just had a healthy baby boy. I did quit the day he was born as was in hospital for 3 days so figured its the best time lol.
I was worried the whole pregnancy but wuit6ting is hard. Dont stress yourself as you will stress the baby. Just take it kne day at a time u can do it
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