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Close friend's children not vaccinated Lock Rss

One of my very close friend's 5 children aren't vaccinated, nor is she. I'm currently expecting my first child and I've been wondering how to approach this topic with her. We live in different countries, however I do hope to be able to get back home at least once or twice a year. Essentially I'm wondering if it will be safe for me and my child to visit her house before my child is vaccinated? Or is it too risky? I'd hate to have to stay away from her and her kids until my child is vaccinated, but I'm not sure if it's safe otherwise.
Hi, I don't know much on the subject but what I do know is that it is highly dangerous to have your child around your friend and her child because even if the other child has not caught a disease, they can still be a carrier and pass a deadly disease on to your child.

Be safe and best of luck with your little one.
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