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Chesty Cough - HELP!? Lock Rss

Hi All,

My 4 month old has developed a bit of a cold and a chesty, congested sounding cough. She isn't running any fevers and seems happy enough - she is good during the day, however cough gets worse at night. I'm pretty sure it's due to the change in weather here but not sure?? I have put the vapouriser on in her room at night and have used Vick's Baby Balsam on her chest, but other than this I am not sure what to do?

I don't know whether to take her to the doctor as I am tyring to avoid giving her anti-biotics if I can! But at what point do I start to worry? It doesn't seem to be getting any worse.....? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks as always,
Sam x

Hi Sam,

You seemed to being doing everything you can for your daughter, you would probably find that the doctor would not give her antibiotics anyway, (know this from past experiences).

My advice would be if she gets worse take her to the doctor, that is if she is struggling when coughing (such as finding it hard to get her breath back) or she becomes quite distressed.

You sounds like you are a terrific mum as you have tried to help your daughter as soon as you saw the signs she was getting a cough.

Hi Sam,My 4 1/2mth boy has a cold to.Hes been coughing as well so i took him to the GP and he gave dimetapp for infants I dont know if its really helped he is still coughing a bit but he sees happy.Hope our little ones get better soon!!!

angela vic 4mth baby

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