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worst nappy rash ever - tried everything HELP ME!!!!!!! Rss

my son is now 10 months old, for the last 4 weeks he has had a tooth sitting in the gum pushing up but just wont come through and i assume its the teething that is causing the worst case of nappy rash. Ladies i have tried every cream on the market bepanthen, daktorin, zinc and caster oil, sudecrum, amo-lin, curash, paw paw cream, i am using curash soap in the bath and curash wipes having plenty of nappy free time but absolutley nothing i do is releving my poor sons little bum. It makes me feel horrible seeing him in pain but all my efforts are unforfilled. PLEASE HELP!!!!! any remedies out there???????????????
The same happened last week with my 9.5 month daughter. She was in so much pain when I changed her nappy, I couldn't stand seeing her like that so I went to the chemist and they gave me some medicated cream with quaterzone in it.
I only put it on once and it was gone 24 hours later.
I tried everything else too.

dd b. 31/07/05

wow that really sounds so awful for you both

do you breastfeed,i've heard breastmilk works wonder,other than that im not sure,you poor mumma i really hope some mummas can help you out smile


Lillie....1 year old!!!

hi youngmum2be

one of my friends told me that applying cornflour to the affected area clears up the rash quckly - she swears by it. To be honest, i haven't tried it though. If u want, u can give it a try. good luck and keep us posted.


I used to get really bad nappy rash and my mum used a cream called "AYRTONS". she said it worked wonders! Jett gets nappy rash sometimes too and when he does its pretty bad also. So i use ayrtons and it helps him too.
Hope this helps


Hi there young mum 2 be,

If you have tried all the topical over the counter medications for your little boys nappy rash, perhaps it is worth going to the GP and getting it swabbed incase there is some type of bacteria also comopunding the problem there. Our little girl when she was teething initially at 14 weeks had a terrible nappy rash also and the GP swabbed the area not expecting to see anything other than the normal flora that resides there on the skin, unfortunately it came back positive to some group B strep (a bacteria commonly found in your nose, mouth etc..) and ended up putting her on some antibiotics to get rid of it as well as prescribing some hydrocortisone cream to reduce the inflammation (redness) as well as some over the counter canastan cream (used also for vaginal thursh but also effective in nappy rash). Book in for the GP for a swab of the area to rule out anything bacteria that shouldn't be growing there. It may explain why it is not clearing up despite the nappy free time etc.. that you are doing. Also perhaps when you clean your little boy, just use some water and tissues and avoid the wipes for now, sorbolene in the water as a soap subisitute also may help. HOpe this helps you, sorry to hear that he is in so much pain and it looks terrible. Good luck. SJ
Hi ladies,
Thanks for all you suggestions. Will definatley book to to see the doctor for it is still not subsiding. I have tried as much time with the nappy free as possible, but his poor little butt is clinging to that rash, just doesn't want to let go. If you hear of anything else please let me know.
Thank you!!!!!!!!
hi there
have u tried just bathing him in water, no soap. and using a warm face washer not wipes when changing nappies. maybe he is allergic to something in the curash things??,
i use paw paw cream.
when my friends bub had sever nappy rash she used daktozin cream, and cornflour,

hope this helps/
youngmum, I had the same problem with my boy teething, with the first bout of "acid poo" causing blistering nappy rash. I was horrified, as he had never had a sign of nappy rash before. I found that Apricot Kernel oil on the raw bits was very soothing and acted as a barrier cream, and the Curash Powder worked a treat, keeping him dry and seemed to clear up the rest of the nappy rash quite quickly. I also stoppped using wipes, and instead washed with warm water and patted dry. I now regularly use the Curash powder at the first sign of pink skin, and have not had another bout of nappy rash. Bare botty time is great if you can manage it.

Louise, VIC, Liam 9/8/05

HI there

I would not use any type of wipes instead use a face rag and rinse it in warm water just before wiping your babies bottom. I suggest you try Covitol - nappy rash treatment. This has sinz oxide anbd cod liver oil which smells but its worth a try. I also tried Desitin which is also good for nappy rash.

I wish you luck.
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