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Does anyone else's bubs seem to get hot really easily? The midwife at the hospital said you dress bub in what you are wearing plus one layer cause they don't move around as much. I find I have to dress Ryan in one less layer than me or else he is hot and clammy.

His dad is warm-blooded (doesn't wear jumpers at all, even in winter) and he finds he can only hold Ryan for about 2 minutes before both of them are sweaty ... we haven't even hit summer yet! It is a bit of a pain cause my partner will take Ryan to calm him but then has to say 'Jo you have to take him I am making him so hot.' I take him and sure enough Ryan is so sweaty ... doesn't make bonding time with dad really easy when my partner can't even cuddle him for long periods. He has to prop him on a pillow in front of him so neither of them are touching ...

Has anyone else experienced this or do I just have a warm-blooded bub and partner???


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo,

I'm in Qld too and my little girl tends to feel clammy on the feet and hands quite a bit, and I think as your bub does, she gets it from her dad. He is very warm blooded, sometimes he puts his hand on my shoulder and I swear it could be a hot pack not the palm of his hand. I think dress your little man comfortably so he isn't getting to hot. I found with my little one, if I unbuttoned the top one or two buttons for a bit and aired her feet, she would cool a little. But the pillow thing is a great idea, my husband did the same thing. Something else I found was if she was wearing fleecy suits and had a fleecy blanket this made her more likely to heat too quick, So if I did buy anything fleecy I tried to buy it without the feet in, and would put thinner socks on her feet if needed, and I tried to keep away from beanies. But I found Myer sells bonds suits (towelling) that have an optional cotton feet & hand coverup. These came in very handy and still do at night. Maybe get your partner when he holds your bub if using a blanket use a muslin wrap instead and maybe un do his top button on the suit, this helped us alot. Good luck and I hope I helped a little.


Sahara.... Born 30.04.04

Hi Jo

Just some more conflicting information. The clinic told me that we should dress them in exactly what we wear. Not that extra layer thing (like the hospital also told me) and if like your husband being warm blooded and you normal, put bubs in something inbetween. This among other things is what I found difficult in the early stages as I didn't want to overheat and didn't want bubs to be cold, especially at night.

Julie, mum to Abby 05/02/04 & Joel 12/04/07

just to add more information...

I had heard that baby's should be dressed in exactly what we wear too...

it seems to work with my boy, except to sleep, as he has to be double wrapped, so on most nights he can only wear little t-shirt bodysuits, otherwise he overheats


Liam Evan, 2

Thanks for your replies, glad to hear what I was told from midwife was wrong, cause hear I am worried I am underdressing Ryan.

For those who live in QLD, wasn't yesterday hot. It wasn't just Ryan who was hot and clammy all day but me too, I just had him in a singlet and nappy all day.

I am the same Helena, at the time Ryan goes down (about 6.30-7pm) it is still warm so I put him down in a t-shirt bodysuit and when I go to bed I put a blanket over him. Often when I get up to him at 5 or 6am though he has wriggled entirely out of his blanket and I fret he is cold cause here am I in winter PJ's and just come from sleeping under the doona. He is always warm when I pick him up though and he hasn't had a cold or anything yet so I am guessing he must be fine.

Our house is airconditioned but I hate airconditioning so I never turn it on, and I'm not sure if it would be good for babies either .... does anyone know about this??

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo,
I live in Qld Yesterday and today were killers and I heard tommorrow was soppose to be worse!!
My son never dresses the same as me as I feel he cold and he never seems to get cold!! He hasnt slept with a blanket since he was about 1 month old, he wont have it!! In winter I had him in a sleeping bag you know the ones for bubs and that kept him warm enough! He was a clammy little baby up untill he was about 6 months old I even got told my he nurse that he will have stinky feet when he gets older because they were sweating so much but they dont seem to do it any more so maybe he grew out of it (and the nurse didnt know what she was talking about) and your bub might too!
I think you should dress your baby as you think he is comfortable you know whats best! You know how cold he gets and you are always near him to check if he is getting cold, so dont worry what those stupid nurses say! Mother always knows best!!
Good luck surviving the heat!!

Mummy to 3 Boys

Hi Jo,

My baby tends to get hot too. She is just like her daddy. If I've got a jumper on, he's in a tshirt and shorts.

I find it easiest to put my hand into her clothes and feel her chest rather than go by how I'm feeling or what I'm wearing. She is just too different to me temperature wise.

Here in Melbourne we've had a warm couple of days and even though I was in pants and a tshirt Olivia was so hot that she spent most of the time in just her nappy.

Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

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