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Advice on Preventing Cold and Flu becoming worse Rss

Hi Everyone,

I am a new user and first time mum, to my daughter Sahara, who is just over 5 months. We have just had her little cousins (6, 4 & 18 months) visit and they all had colds. I have started to develop one today, (sore head & face, and really sore throat) the usual first signs of a flu, and I have noticed as the day has gone by that my little one isn't her usual bubbly self, she has a slightly elevated temp, a bit of a cough (more dry sounding at the moment), seems to be really tired, and is starting to sound really nasal. I guess I could say she looks a bit how I feel right now. This is the first time she has been sick and I'm not sure if there is anything I can do now before it gets worse. I only have panadol at the moment, as her teeth are starting to break through and she sometimes needs this, but I can tell this isn't related to her teeth. I usually hit myself up with vitamin c, garlic, water and eat healthy and usually it doesn't get much worse then what I have now. Does anybody know how I can stop her from getting any worse, or is this even possible? Any ideas at all would be very much appreciated.


Sahara.... Born 30.04.04

dose her up with pamol... if breast fed chances are she wont get as sick, i have been quite crook sometimes but my bub hardly ever gets it...he is fully breast fed.
Hi Charry, hopefully Sahara is better now.

What I did was give extra breast milk as well as baby panadol (at nights more to settle her) when I thought she was catching a cold. I kept fluids up as I thought bubs would feel dehydrated.

Also I put a large bucket of hot water (to steam & put moisture back) in her room & added eucalyptus & lavender oil drops in it. I avoided vaporisers as I heard about fire hazards etc.

I initally used fess to flush out her blocked nose but she didn't like to tilt her head back. I use sterimar now which works really well & clean her mucous out using baby cotton buds.

Hope it gives u ideas.

Sarah, Mikayla's mum. Sydney

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